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This Friday was the last time I'm going to touch mail again until June. That is because the upcoming trip I've briefly mentioned, is right around the corner, and I got myself some camera equipment to make sure I will have the camera functional whenever there's something worthwhile to capture.

DSC_1060 Custom.jpg

I still don't want to tell exactly where we are going, because I feel it would be anticlimatic to tell in advance. But you can make educated guesses. What kind of a trip it will be, you can already put together looking at the picture though: a roadtrip. And like I said, it is we going on the trip, me and three other good friends of mine.

The possibility for the trip presented itself by the initiation of my friends, who planned to go for a trip. I do have the job now, but I do have the flexibility to not work for a period if I so choose. I've realized the value in work and earning for myself to build a financial foundation for myself. It has also followed with an increased sense of self-respect. It hasn't been soul crushing, it has been uplifting. It probably helps that I have a clear plan panned out that I'm going to be executing while time progresses. Haven't talked about it until now, but 10% of what I earn is going to be invested by traditional means. No, that doesn't mean I don't think crypto or blockchain won't succeed. Just that I want to have less risky (and less volatile) assets too. I will still have my crypto holdings and will buy more here and there (I'm thinking of perhaps using approx 5% of my monthly earnings for that purpose), so if crypto goes moon, great, if not, I can live with that and not get completely crushed.

Anyway, this wasn't supposed to be about investing, but it just so happens I got drifted there through several donkey-bridges (yet another Finnish idiom, this one probably sounds the dumbest of them all in English).

That being said, when there is an opportunity for a trip that is most likely a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, there's simply no other option than saying "yes" for me. There will be a three-week period of not working during the trip, but that is fine, because after that I can work for the whole summer, if I want.

Though if this would've not been initiated by my friends, there would've been no trip at all for me, and I would've just kept working. This is the reason why I'm pretty excited about the trip, because I already have experience by traveling internationally alone, but not with friends, so it will be a new experience.

I already have experience traveling alone, and I don't have much desire to do that anymore at the moment. It is true that you can get friends on the road – and I did, for the brief moment at least, but they haven't been lasting ones. Not like the ones I have at home or even those on Steem.


It hasn't been soul crushing, it has been uplifting.

It makes me happy to hear that, truly :) Yes, I do think it helps a great deal having a plan.

Have fun on your trip, wherever it is you're gonna end up :)

Saying YES to an opportunity like this is a wise, wise decision :-) Life is always 'there' when you return to it, but these extra's are what make it worthwhile living.

Another wise thing is investing your income - diversifying is the key. A bit of STEEM, a but of 'traditional' investment, a bit of memories on your memory card ;-)

Have fun!

Saying YES to an opportunity like this is a wise, wise decision :-)

I don't know if it's out of wisdom or what, because "yes" is pretty much default answer in such situation :D

Go with the flow <3

Traditional methods are certainly more stable and more importantly regulated and you are doing the right thing. An awful lot of people have lost their life savings with crypto and sometimes I think its all games seeing bitcoin and alts spike and then plummet. I am making a different person rich. Not the bankers but some tech guy. Enjoy ypur trip. Its amazing you can have the freedom to do that. Thats really great.

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Yeah, it is best to stick to a plan with crypto, otherwise it's easy to get burned when you get caught with greed and fomo.

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