Let's enjoy the Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail with Tidepools ánd Whales!!

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Hi everyone!

Today we went to Makapu'u to do the lighthouse trail and we also read about the tidepools located at the beach down the trail! Many people describe the tidepools of one of the most precious things they've seen on Oahu so we were definitely curious to see this miracle and to share with steemit!

How to get there??

If you're planning to go out of Honolulu, take bus 22 or 23 to the Sea Life Aquarium, this stop you have to go off as well. However, if you ask the driver nicely, he will maybe stop closer to the trail.

So we arrived at the trail between 12/1 pm and it was bloody hot. The trail path is black asphalt so this trail is not very convenient for dogs or walking barefoot, however, it makes it an easy trail for the elderly people and children as well.


After five mintes walking we got already a beautyful view of the beachfront as well as the Koko head crater. S bord described what you could see there. After ten minutes walking we came at a viewpoint where you could see the whales swimming near the coast, unfortunately we didn't see anything because we rushed, however, on our way back we saw a lot of them! If you see the board of the whale sanctuary, you know you should head down in case you would like to visit the Makapu'u Tide Pools. The way down is quite steep and I would't recommend this to everyone, if something happens to you rescue can only be done by an air vehicle! so be very careful or just keep following the path to the lighthouse.




The tidepools are difficult to see from the viewpoint, but if you step across the wall you can get a glimpse of it!!
We started to go down and it was doable, if you look up on the rocks you can see all the fallen rocks. It remains dangerous as rocks can break and fall during your walk.





The water inside the tidepools was very clear and super salty, every 4/5 minutes fresh salty sea water is pushed in the tidepools by the rough ocean bouncing on the rocks! This is very powerful to see! It also makes sure the animals stay alive, fishes, sea urgins, crabs, and star fish, and coral. This place isn't crowded at all, I think that's the case because of the hard walk towards the pools, and it is very difficult to see from above, so this place can be easily missed.
The views were super pretty down here and I even dared to swim here! which I can recommend for sure!







We stayed here for around two hours enjoying the nature until we dared to get back up! It was a lot easier than going down fortunately and we walked another 10 minutes to the end of the trail where we got surprised with a lovely view again! We saw also more tidepools down the beach.






On our way back we stopped at the whale viewpoint again and we saw so many whales! this was my first time seeing them and I was so amazed by seeing them in their natural habitat! They looked quite happy and active swimming around like that!





I hope you're still reading and like this post ^^ I definitely recommend this place and let me know what you've think of it! Do you dare to walk this path on the rocks or will you keep to the beaten track? Thank you for reading!


You are having the time of your life my friend.

Yeah I never wanna leave this place!

Wow. Those are really amazing photos. Thank you for sharing it.

Thank you for reading! ^^

Thanks for your awesome post and those wonderful pictures. This definitely looks like a place to add on my bucket list!

Yeah it is definitely a bucket list destination!

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I will add it to thewordmap! Thank you! ^^

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That trail has some gorgeous sights! I'm now sorry I missed out on the hidden tide pools below! Next time :)