In Pictures: Zrinjevac Park in Central Zagreb, Croatia - Sea of Books Festival - Steemer's Review

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Have you heard about STEEM Park in NYC? This one is not STEEM powered but it turned into a beach! Sprawl in your easychair!

If you work and still can’t visit the seaside maybe one afternoon here can ease your worries.

What else can you do when the thermometer shows 33 degrees in the shade?

How to find it? First find this guy at the main square, then walk 50 meter to the South! Just ask anyone to point you in the direction of the Zrinjevac Park.

Officially - this event is called ‘Sea of Books’ (Croatian - More knjiga) for obvious reasons, eh?

I like the initiative! I am glad there are witty and creative people building the community in my city!

So, what to do here?

  • take a nap!

  • buy a book on the spot and read in the shade

  • not a bookworm? Grab a beer in a nearby booth!

  • bookworm but not a beer fan? That’s sad, all I can say. But, you can get yourself a literal, erm.. literary cocktail

  • pester the resident DJ with your music wishes!

  • Eat something. They offer pancakes and different desserts just a few meters away

  • take your kids to play in the sand

  • brave the fountain and take a dip!

  • let your dog loose on the unsuspecting crowd. Let him overturn a few chairs and then run for it!

  • think up your next Steemit post!

… just be yourself!

Beer on offer

  • Medvedgrad brewery - go for seasonal Ljeto u Zagrebu - witbier

  • Garden brewery - any IPA really

Camera: Canon SX170 IS

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Initiative by @hitheryon, @voronoi @hansikhouse

Your favorite park?


Wooow nice post! ;)
I will follow you and please check my post about Greenland and my healthy lifestyle ;)

Well, if that is you in the picture I won't even think twice :)


Well, it's something. Thanks for visiting!

اتمنى تكون استمتعت بهذه الزيارة

فعلت. و أستطيع التحدث باللغة العربية! عظيم!

Favorite park is any that has Beer @buzzbeergeek

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Thanks for the resteem! Means a lot. I hope to put a good word for deserving posts here and there ;) Hope we chat again soon!

(raises glass)



That was a fantastic log of your journey! I thoroughly enjoyed reading through it as well as seeing the pictures!

Thanks. It's nothing special but I'm glad I have the chance to hang out with you guys ;) Can't wait for steemfest!

Wow! They have a bit for kids too, even better. They can play whilst Daddy and Mummy ahem have a rest

Couldn't agree more :D

Sure. Thanks for the kind words ;)

Amazing! Thanks a lot!

So hot! Thanks for great pictures !

Ummm... You are hot!

Wow these pictures look great! Brilliant! That beer bottle standing on those legs looks huge haha! :P

I will give you a follow :)

I knew legs could work :D

Love your blog, need to put Zagreb on my list to visit.

t could warrant a couple of days, to browse the beer offer if nothing else ;)

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Thanks guys, hope we all benefit in the end!

That looks a lovely day out, the sky is so blue :)

It was too nice a day not to take pictures. I support you regularly! Glad to be in the winning team! Cheers!

We are winners on here, Ill be catching up with your posts soon and thank you :)

great post !!!! anyone please tell me how to grow my follower and posts upvots

Number on is socialize and comment. Look at my post count ;)

Thanks, really appreciated it!

see you around.

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