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Another place was on a ship in the middle of the Indian Ocean overlooking the starry sky, on a dark night. It was very spacious and I went to numerous places. I've had a few times when I've visited a place and I'm feeling a little insignificant.

If you don't care less about craftsmanship or European history, you can maintain a strategic distance with all methods. Then again, I was completely impressed by the intensity and nature of the community. A place where someone should visit at any given point during their lifetime.

I see things unexpectedly. Winged Victory When I get out of the blue.

I saw the birth places of the Nike logo. It was carved years ago, long before Christ's season. A landmark of the ancient Greek ocean, the wars of ancient Greece are fighting between the long periods. In addition, in front of my eyes were only in texture, bugs, marble!

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The battles of ancient Greece are fighting for long periods of time. I also had only texture, insect, marble in front of my eyes! I saw the birth places of the Nike logo.