TSA Sucks! Expect additional airport security delays. No Snacks Now?

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The Transportation Security Administration is now cracking down on any type of power begging brought on a plane as well as removal of “snacks” from your carry on luggage to be solo scanned. The quest for total submission by the TSA has now gone to a whole new level. I say it’s time to boycott the airline industry until simple economics force the airlines to push back against the TSA.

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They really do suck...
I used to work at an airport and I tell you ... the amount of shit people can get away with is crazy...if only they knew

It is starting to get out of control. I can tell you right now it is becoming a deterrent to fly. At our airport here in Ottawa they have this guy that is positioned right as you enter the waiting line to go through the metal detectors. He “randomly” picks people out to have a test done on their hands. I think he is testing for substances of some sort. How do you pick who you will check? What is the freaking point of it is random? Talk about a needle in a haystack. But... if you are randomly chosen, and pass of course, you get to skip the entire wait line and go strainght to the next metal detector. It’s almost like the price is right!!! People going through. Ow are like “pick me, pick me” lol what a waste of money and a pain in the ass!!

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This nonsense is outrageous. A number of TSA agents I've encountered are on power trips and very unpleasant to deal with. They're pretty arrogant for people who are not good at what they do. As expected, the TSA has become a big jobs creation agency with unionized workers. The TSA will continue to keep going too far should be privatized.

My friends hello. Yes, there are controls with a lot of security. lol.

  ·  last year (edited)

I still say if People Stop Flying for 2 Weeks the TSA will go Bye Bye...............

That monkey just doesn't care.

Future TSA agent, that monkey has great potential to stop any terrorist dead in their tracks!!!

TSA has got mad. RIP TSA....!!!

@broncnutz Absolutely right, the most important part of the day is the Airport Duty, scanned and checked properly, security is the most important, TSA Got mad, they considering that powder

They always suck from the start as they behave like they are the boss

Dear @broncnutz very good post... everyone should know about thier rights, if any service provider violates their terms, we all should protest against them.
You have done a very nice work.
I appreciate your work.

I was flying within Europe and they had me take out EVERY piece of technology and wires into the bins. It's not just the laptops, it was everything!!!! What a hassle!

@broncnutz, hello sir is there any monopoly TSA is having ? If not then doing boycott is the best option .

I had no idea it was so bad. I was thinking of flying to US next year on a vacation but ive been hearing so many bad things about what happens on the airport.
Ill still go. hehe

You are right that TSA use of your rights is misusing now is the right time that the airlines industry should boycott the whole manner.

  ·  last year (edited)

Maybe they considering that powder would be some drugs? :D

So bad to hear about the ban on snacks!!!

Won't I be allowed to carry my protein powder too... :( I need to rethink of my trip to USA then ... :)


TSA literally sucks!

Hello friend how are you,now a days we are facing lot of security issues.

My son's friend recently posted on fb that he got harassed by tsa while getting on flight between San Diego and Phoenix. He is calling it rape and looking for an attorney to help him now. He is 25 and has nothing that would stand out and jut got pulled out of line for no reason.

He takes this flight back and forth often but this was his first time ever in secondary. They did some kind of download of his phone as well, but it was a new one and his connections were not even it it yet. He had only connected his banking so far. He said the empty phone seems to be what set them off.

This isn't fair.

I so agree.

Oooh, now our snacks will get some more radiation...let me guess that they'll say it tastes better and is healthier for us too.

You are right they are out of control and some of the agents are real creepy. I had one guy just staring me down one time and I just wanted to punch him... ha ha they are always trying to push our buttons.

It's a conspiracy to make you get a crypto jet.

The best way to make a silent reply is just boycott them.

this should have been done years ago.

Yes, Everywhere security check post, It seems like we are living in some sorts of prison.

Hello sir,this is very much irritating isnt it?

A lot of my friends got harrased by TSA

hello friend, yes true information

wow... they prevent liquid and powders ? now snacks?
so now all must put in check-in bag

lots of things done in the name of security....

@broncnutz,TSA seriously gone mad

This is really frustrating sir,lot of people are facing small issues.

Thank you very much for supporting me @broncnutz

Hello friend...Tht's great post......TSA has gone mad LOL

They literally suck and most of the time unbearable. Security is essential but should be done ethically. Good article @broncnutz

Maybe we should say RIP TSA

@broncnutz, Transportation Security Administration should take precedence :)

this is very good for me. I am not satisfied about this

yes i think may be this is important.
but this is bad for me...And even for any other.

This is a swastik sign in this logo , it use in india's hindu religion .

They really do suck...
I used to work at an airport and I tell you ... the amount of shit people can get away with is crazy...if only they knew @broncnutz Absolutely right, the most important part of the day is the Airport Duty, scanned and checked properly, security is the most important, TSA Got mad, they consideri