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This post is the last story of Dotonbori in Osaka. 

This commercial district was so interesting and exciting. I couldn't share all of the stories I had in Dotonbori, but I tried to share the atmosphere and fashion people. Hope you enjoy a lot. 

This district was embroidered in colorful illuminated signboards along the river. Do you want to see Osaka at night? I definitely recommend Dotonbori. If you want to spend night quietly, don't even go near that area. When I saw the place from a distance, I saw a lot of lights and buildings, and when I got close to it, there were crowd of people. It was not strange to me, but when I turned to the main street, I even said, "Wow!"


The colorful illuminated signboards were blowing glittery lights and created a tinseltown. If I go on a trip to city and don't enjoy the night there, the puzzle of the trip will be empty forever. All except people was like those I saw in the daytime, but looked absolutely different at night.

Do you see Glico Man? Most people took a picture in the same pose, including me.

Do you remember the river cruise I posted? It was the yellow boat.

I guess the girls who were grouped during the day was a Japanese girls idol group. There were a lot of cheering male fans. They shook LED bars while shouting various words including the name of the group. The men were passionate and tourists were fun.

Go to Dotonbori when you visit Osaka.


Another wonderful post on Dotonbori night. I love all the pictures because together it gives such a good idea of what it was like to be there. It looked like people there like the nightlife and excitement. You also looked like you were having fun. Your narrative gave a good sense of what you did and what the people were doing. I always love you traveling post because it gives the reader a sense of being there. Thank-you @bontonstory for your support and friendship. Have a great day tomorrow. :D

I really appreciate that you give me the great comment. @cabbagepatch Always glad to see you. :)

@bontonstory I really express when I am happy and enjoy someone's post. I've really enjoyed your stories of your travels and and cooking. You are one of my favorite bloggers. I remember I happened to catch your aquarium post awhile back. I appreciated all the pictures and narrative so I decided I would follow you. You also talked about your mom and that was an added bonus. So I am proud to know you through Steemit. Hopefully you are still enjoying your vacation. Have fun! :D

Recently, steemit has many new steemians now, but looking for a sincere friend is not easy. Many newbies are only asking votes and following as soon as they say hello. I'm glad I have you and have a good friendship with you in steemit. :) Thank you very much! @cabbagepatch

You are beautiful in the photo, a lot of lights.

Need lights for beauty. :) @jsantana

Thanks for the tour of Dotonbori! It looks really beautiful at night! I'm more and more eager to visit every time I read one of your posts :)

I'm so glad to hear that. :) @natashahall Have a nice day!

That was an interesting night tour :-) Shared with my followers :-)

Beautiful photos and narrative! You are truly a creative artist!

That's a great compliment. :0 @michaelstobiersk

You're welcome. I hope you have a great day!

Looks a beatiful and funny night travel! Full of light and colors, cool! Thanks for share a bit of Dotonbori with us ^_^

It's an acknowledgment for your great art. :) @silviabeneforti

Cool place. Reminds me of Las Vegas in the United States with all the neon lights, signs and people.

Las Vegas has more neon lights. :) But, yes! The area looked similar to it.

wow, so many beautiful people, upped. Like the night life ..great shots

Thanks for sharing these pictures of Dotonbori as I'm visiting Osaka soon and I can't wait to get to the Namba area and explore the busy nightlife there.

Have a safe trip. :)

Hi! Love your pictures, visit me and follow me @evyarts I would love to continue learning more from you.

Upvoted. I'm going to resteem this now :)

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