Spectacular Sunset with Incredible Colors. Nai Harn Beach. Yesterday. Own Work.

in travel •  3 years ago  (edited)

If you were in my position...you wouldn't believe your eyes!

Aperture f/2.5, exposure 1/20s, ISO 100, RAW

Panorama from 4 horizontal images, aperture f/2.0, exposure 1/40s, ISO 100, RAW

Panorama from 8 horizontal images, aperture f/2.0, exposure 1/40s, ISO 100, RAW

Panorama from 2 horizontal images, aperture f/2.8, exposure 2s, ISO 100, RAW

Sunsets like this, I think they're stop the time!

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and....my breath....my heart....amazing colour....beautiful!

(-; really rare colors!

I spent a few years on the Island of Crete.
Those pictures remind me of what I saw there.
The sandstorms off the Sahara filled the air with dust...
and magnificent sunsets were the result.

!Island of Crete is on my wish list!)) Thx (-:

Wow! Thanks for sharing!


magical ,amazing colour.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Thank you!)

I always enjoy your work. Beautiful horizontal horizon, gorgeous.

Thanks a lot!)

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I don't believe you! It's a digital painting! (joke) :-)

=) thx!

OMG ! You took my breath away and made me homesick for Bali

Oh Bali Bali! Hope next year I will capture sunsets there! (-;