Great Display of Marine Life - The Aquarium of Phuket

in #travel5 years ago (edited)

I visited this awesome place on a Sunday afternoon and spent around 40 minutes looking through.

Fish tanks are nice, clean and not overstocked.

This place still have rare fish and they still keep atmosphere around in a good looking with maintainance.

Was nice to see the emphasis throughout the exhibits on keeping the oceans clean

It's rumored, that piranhas can strip an entire cow in an hour! (=

They were about to close and already beginning to extinguish the lights but I have time to take a picture with shark!

Actually, I rather liked this place!

Price is 180 Baht for tourist – 50 Baht for Thai National.


Gorgeous snaps beautiful marine life thanks for sharing upvoted, I especially like that one fishy that is looking directly at the camera haha.

I visited that amaizing place in Panwa (phuket)!

this is a very cool place! I liked it there

Interesting :)

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