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With wanting to get out of the coupe up house after days of pouring rain what better way than to pile the family into the car for a road trip to the unknown.

Checking google for natural mineral pools in New Zealand, we wanted to go somewhere we hadn't ventured before, just a bit out of Auckland, we found three mineral pools two ended up being on private property that people had dug up themselves, the other the longest open pipes in New Zealand, and you could jump or dive into one of the pools, which is very rare as there are many signs not to do this at most pools.

Checking out the website we noticed they had a motel ringing to see if they were open, then to see if they had a room available to our surprise open and available.
Quickly browsing the comments, not seeing the stars, really just honing on to one comment which basically said

A lovely day out with family, it's a bit run down and in the middle of the whoop whoops (middle of nowhere), take plenty of food and drinks with you.

With that in mind we packed everyone into the car packed with food ready for the unknown, armed with written directions, the kids with phone directions...

With in mind we will find we will end up in the middle of the whoop whoops but we really were not prepared for the whoop whoops.
We pasted many tiny tiny little towns that had a few houses, we where in high spirts joking we were the wilder people ( A New Zealand movie reference) it really felt like it.
Some fabulous joker pointed the hot pools sign the other way so going further into the whoop whoops than needed, realizing the written instructions said go the opposite way to the sign, the phone signal was on and off when it came back on for a few seconds the kids were able to see we where going the other direction.

Just under 2 hours we arrived we headed to reception, did the wonderful check in stuff got information where the motel was, where the pools where, then off we headed across the road to the motel room.

Down the drive way passing two rooms then at the bottom was two more units, our unit was there at the bottom, it was cute on the outside with a little veranda, off to open the door, turn the key slide open the ranch-slider taking a step back from the smell of locked up dampness.

Ok we can do this, in we go look around, straight to the bathroom...
Poop on the curtain, thought was blood on the floor - ok we can do this!
Two bedrooms - opening one roller curtain two cockroaches... ok off to the reception!

Off we went to reception to ask for some in-scents, and spray, when we got there the lady that checked us in wasn't there but two more lady's, we tried to explain there were cockroaches and blood on the floor, and if they had some in-scents to burn, they only had a chemical they sprayed on us to smell, ekk chemicals on skin that can't be good....

We found out the had new cabins, asked if we could move there, they were apparently all booked up, so back to the room with chemical spray in hand, the blood on the floor was poop, the baby wipes came out to wipe the dressers that turnt the baby wipes black, the window stills looked like they had mice poop on them... ok we can do this!

Gathering everyone up, time for swimming... over the road, down the steep stairs three pools, kids ran to the half full kiddies pool to be frozen, the bigger pool had hot spots heated by hot pumps held on by rusted bars.
The big pool had a slide for the kids to slide into the water with they had fun on, then down to the diving end who can do the biggest bomb watching one by one jump in and do there stunts.

There was another pool which was small that was warmish also.
The two big slides had closed for the day, we had intended on tackling them the next morning.

The pools had bits of dirt floating it wasn't bad bad nothing a vacuum wouldn't clean, but the pictures on the website looked better than in reality.
The view of the ran down hotel was left to be desired it looked pretty scary, we didn't venture that far.

Back to the motel for showers & dinner, showers, getting dinner ready the kids sitting like stones not wanting to move inches they were terrified of the motel, they didn't want to sleep in the rooms, there was a pull out couch they all wanted to sleep on, then the scream came...
When a grown man screams something is wrong....
Pulling blankets from the spare cupboard a massive band-aid gaze with blood facing upwards was stuck to the blankets right on top of the pile, - ok we can do this!
Oh yeah shower time we found a nit comb on top of the shower... Ok We can do this!

Checking the two single beds the sheets and blankets where stained, there was two new blankets inside covers, pulling them out for the kids, but they where stained also, but not fully like the others - Ok we can do this!

Getting ready for dinner one of the kids dropped a glass on the floor, looking in the cupboards trying to find a sweeper or vacuum, none to be found just like the wash cloth, lucky we packed that but not a sweeper, so out came the baby wipes, turning brown from the dirt on the floor but not black like the dirt on the dressers in the rooms.

Washing up time for time for dinner, the dinner table had never been so quite, everyone looking at the food weather to eat or not which we had prepared, after dinner and cleaning up kids back to stone ... Then came who wants to go home?
Five out of six wanted to go home never seen the kids move so fast to clean things up and jump in the car.
Ok we can't do this!

Going over to reception we had missed them by 5 mins, so back to the motel to leave the key on the table.
Two hours later back home showers to clean the filth off then try to forget the nightmare motel...

In the morning rang the motel to let them know we didn't stay the night, when saying this a bellow came from the other end

Why Not?

Umm the place was dirty, there was a blood plaster on the spare sheets, the dresser were dirty
Where, which room, which blanket, you have to tell me so I can tell the cleaning lady they aren't doing their job,
whats a dresser?

Umm well we've cleaned the dressers but go over and see!

When we tell others of this trip they gasp as all we have to say where and they shake their heads, one person said it's on the top three of places you don't want to break down in when traveling past, let alone stay or visit.
Oh well tick it off the bucket list having a bad motel experience.

Have you ever left a Motel/Hotel or a place you rented out before check out time

Thank you for stopping by really appreciate it, have a fabulous Day/Evening!

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