Travel photo archives: How to get eaten alive in Alaska

in #travel6 years ago

Look a bit closer at the photo below and you'll see the creature that is most likely to bite you while you travel through Alaska.

Oh, sorry, not the bear, look a bit closer.

Yep. That's right. That close.

Mosquitoes. They are jerks. Alaska has so many that they even have roadside statues celebrating their state bird. *

They wait outside your tent.

Outside your car.

Swarms even follow you when you drive:

Sure, a few of them get too close to the rooftop tent while you are driving:

Or the windshield:

(How big are these mosquitoes!!?)

But really, we're on their home turf and we know they are going to win. But spend too long outside and they will carry you away. I'm sure of it.

*the internet informs me that Alaska's state bird is supposedly the willow ptarmigan. I believe this is an error.


Hahahaha, you've made my day with this article :D

Yeah.... Mosquitoes see me as a tasty treat already in Oregon. Traveling to Alaska; I would find myself being carried off to their nefarious mosquito den and drained dry. Thanks for the great article - now I can't stop scratching. :P

That's hilarious!!! I thought the post was about bears!!!

We were chased all the way to the pub once by midges in Scotland. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

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