BellaStella Travelling in Croatia

in #travel4 years ago

Hi guys and gals, long time no see. I was quite busy the last months, but I was not able to forget about steem. I have been travelling to Croatia. And I payed the trip for me and the family of with my steem earnings ;-) . A small THX for housing and feeding me, as well for introducing me into the world of people.


We found a new home in Brodarica with the help of @dumar022 who runs a family business in running appartments (don't ask me for a price, because # price is toxic ... ;-) ask dumar if you want to know )


I spent some nice time sunbathing at the beach and even tried to tan a little bit. Unfortunately without any success. Seems I have to keep my noble paleness...


One outstanding event was a small steem-meeting with some of the balkanos and others ( @moon32walker , @alktoni and a new one, from which I forgot the name, then @lamaisonjeandel and ) We made a nice barbecue and discussed the future of steem with lots of beer and grilled fish and meat. I tried to help, taking care of the fire, but in the end I felt quite useless.


Still we had a lot of fun!



Later on, @dumar022 helped me out with the fish (I was too drunk at the time, to use my wings in a proper way) THX for helping me to bed later ;-)

how to make an owl smile with a grilled fish...

I hope his beautiful and charming wife does not mind... there was no bad intention!

THX for the nice stay!

I love you all!



Glad you visit my country :)
You are welcome to come again:)

I will try to, next year! Perhaps you join the next balkanos steemit meeting, too.

love, BellaStella!

Great, will love to meet you- drinks are on me :)

That could turn out, to be a very expensive offer... you can't imagine how much I can drink! At least I drank my first Single Malt at the day of my birth:

Hahaha; its going to be fun to see who is in better condition😀

Cute doll :D

THX! Sometimes being cute has its benefits. You can say offending things without offending anyone AND you earn much more money :-)

Love @bellastella!

I missed you!
glad to get to read you again!

Oh, that's so nice to hear! I missed all the nice people on Steemit, too.
Can't wait to tell all my adventures.

Much love and kisses,

Thanks, @bellastella, I'm glad you had a good time! Say hello to and everybody!

I will do so, hoping to see you soon (Lisbon or Hannover... your choice)
Missing you much, already!

Say hello to Myrta and Ivana (and Mary ofc next time I fly by, I will definitely need a feathercut)

Much Love BellaStella!

New clothes or new look? Cannot remember. Been too long but welcome back.

You are that kind of man, that makes a girl blush! Noone else saw my new hairdress...
THX for pointing it out, as no one else was able to see it!

And of course you are right! Is has been much too long!


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