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Today I present our #WednesdayWalk, which is a challenge run by @tattoodjay and does not require us to walk on Wednesday but to share a walk post on Wednesday 😉

I take you to the Jura mountains, an hour from home, because yes I'm lucky to have the Alps around me, but also the Jura at a short distance ... 😉


Aujourd'hui je vous présente notre marche du mercredi, qui est un challenge organisé par @tattoodjay et qui ne nous oblige pas à nous promener le mercredi mais à partager un post de balade le mercredi 😉

Je vous emmène dans les montagnes du Jura, à une heure de chez moi, car oui j'ai la chance d'avoir les Alpes autour de moi, mais aussi le jura à très peu de distance... 😉


That gives us the opportunity to vary the pleasures because these mountains are really very different and offer other softer and rounder landforms than in the Alps,

so let me take you through the pictures of landscapes that I brought to you 😊


Cela offre la possibilité de varier les plaisirs car ces massifs sont vraiment très différents et offre d'autres reliefs plus doux et ronds que dans les alpes,

alors laissez-moi vous emmener à travers les photos de paysages que j'ai ramenées pour vous 😊


The weather that day was forecasted as unstable, the morning sun would left quickly the place to the clouds, so we went early to capture the beauty of autumn landscapes ...

We went near the village of La Pesse which is not only in the Jura mountain, but also in the Jura department 😉


Le temps ce jour-là était annoncé instable, le soleil du matin devait laisser place assez rapidement aux nuages, donc nous sommes partis tôt afin de pouvoir saisir la beauté des paysages d'automne...

Nous nous sommes rendus près du village de la Pesse qui se trouve non seulement dans la montagne du Jura, mais aussi dans le département du Jura 😉


!steemitworldmap 46.265669 lat 5.869405 long 227 39370 La Pesse, France d3scr


The nice surprise is this herd of Aurochs that we met ... although when I google the name "aurochs" I am told that they are prehistoric animals that do not live anymore 😄

Well in the Jura there are aurochs who jump the queue and sneak incognito into the herds 😉 😊


La jolie surprise, c'est ce joli troupeau d'Aurochs que nous avons rencontrés...même si quand je google le nom "aurochs" on me dit que ce sont des animaux préhistoriques disparus 😄

Eh bien dans le Jura il y a des aurochs qui se faufilent dans les troupeaux incognitos 😉 😊



Then the weather had become all gray and stomachs pulling us, we went to this pretty really rustic restaurant

another nice part of a walk is the lunch that follows, isn't it ..? 😉


Ensuite le temps était devenu tout gris et les estomacs nous tiraillant, nous sommes aller dans ce joli restaurant vraiment très rustique 😊

Une autre belle partie de la promenade est le déjeuner qui suit, n'est-ce pas ..? 😉


We tasted a Jura white wine of course 😊

Well, I definitely do not like the wines of Jura ...
I don't want to offend anyone, if someone from here read this, just that he knows that it's not for my taste, yet these are wines that many people appreciate ...
you need wine for all tastes, and that's what is beautiful in my country, it's the great diversity and the quality of the wines, everyone can find some to enjoy 😉 🍷


Nous avons goûté un vin blanc du Jura bien sûr 😊

Alors, les vins du Jura c'est définitif, je n'aime vraiment pas ça... Je ne veux vexer personne, si un jurassien lis ceci qu'il sache que ce n'est juste pas à mon goût, pourtant ce sont des vins que de nombreuses personnes apprécient...
il en faut pour tous les goûts, et c'est cela qui est magnifique dans mon pays, c'est la grande diversité et la qualité des vins, chacun peut trouver son bonheur 😉 🍷


Voilà my Lovelies, I leave you with these pretty pictures and wish you a beautiful afternoon !


Voilà les amis, je vous laisse sur ces jolis photos et vous souhaite une belle soirée !


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And find also my paintings on my website !!


Et retrouvez aussi mes tableaux sur mon site dans notre fabulicieux royaume ! !!




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Wow... what a beautiful village and surroundings!

I agree, it was worth the visit.. 😉 Thanks for your comment @havtorn ☺️

@tipu curate

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Fantastic shots of this beautiful area and cool buildings even if you didn’t like the wine


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Thank you much JJ ^_^ May I continue using the wednesdaywalk hashtag even if it is not a walk in my neighborhood..? I think I have gradually lost this rule of your challenge, it was not on purpose, I think it is because I had not well read the rules until your last post...my bad, tell me if you prefer I do not use this hashtag under these conditions 😊

If I was to have a rule for the challenge it would be have fun with it :)
I myself often go for longer walks and take a subway or bus to get where i start or drive for the matter and hence why I just have guidelines which I break as well, so feel free to continue using the tag i loved your post ;)

qcvo8b.png I also love to break rules and having fun...LoL
Thing is, I was unsure because it happened to me with another challenge that a friend reminded me the rules and I felt at this time how important for her it was, so I prefere to ask before being scolded 😄 😉

Dont worry you will never get scolded by me :)

Thanks a lot my dear ! 😊

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Thank you and Cheers ! 😊

Hey @barbara-orenya, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

I remember how beautiful the Jura was, although I don't think I spent much time there. I was in Lelex because I took a photo there! Your photos are fabulous! You are very spoiled to have so many fantastic wines to choose from!

Haha yes indeed ! but I yet prefer to drink beers...LoL Wine gets me a bit tired and sad, whereas beers is more energizing and joyful to me 😄
I like to taste wine sometimes though, but if I have to choose between my mood and the savor, I choose my mood 😉

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Thanks much @esteemapp ! 😊

Very nice photos. I especially like the cows :-) It looks as if you have some very pretty architecture in that area, too. It would be amazing to visit, or even better, live in an area like that.

I had the opportunity to live in the mountains of southern Spain for awhile and wish I hadn't had to return to the USA.

there are indeed magnificent places around here...I suppose your place in the Usa does also have its beauty, if you have some nature around of course 😉
Thanks for your appreciation @fotosdenada 😊

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How nice of you @choogirl ...! Thanks a lot ! 😊

i just love this picturesque place with wild cattle and rustic restaurant Barbara. And since I don't drink wine, I wouldn't worry about how it tastes, lol. There is a lot more for me to enjoy, if I ever have the chance to visit. Beautiful photography as always my Dear 😍

a lovely rustic place! enjoyed walking with you :=)

I'm glad you enjoyed the stroll 😉

qcvo8b.pngfor having accompanied me 😊
(hehe...isn't that another snail..? 🐌 )


Barbara, you surely have seen the french cartoon shorts 'Minuscule', havent you? there are some simply amazing series out there, devoted to the snails. there is a 3% that you missed it. if so, I will happily provide you some YT links, as it seems you are the best conoisser of my snails pics

I know it but didn't saw 😉 I'd be glad to watch at the YT ones, thanks ! 😊

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

my pleasure!

the snails dream:



there are some other great series out there, too.

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Thanks a lot @c-squared !😊