Visiting Australia? Live Long Enough To Leave The Airport - Beautiful But Dangerous Wild Life

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Hey guys, whats up? I dont know about you but i love to travel.If i could i would explore new places even more and when i think about destinations Australia comes to my mind. There's plenty to visit and see and it's pretty exotic also it has amazing wild life and some of that wild life can kill you in a moment. So i wanted to showcase some of them and show you few of my favorites.

Blue-Ringed Octopus


Wow, it's so pretty and their size is not greater than 12 to 20cm(5 to 8 inch) but they are insanely dangerous. They have tetrodotoxin in ther venom which is a neurotoxin and it's strong enough to kill humans. And she was so pretty in the begining. She is also awesome at hiding and camouflaging so even when you think she's not there she really is.

Box jellyfish


Look, look he is dancing with them! That aint so smart knowing that this pretty little thing that seems so harmless produces a  extremely strong venom that can have a fatal ending for a person it stings! It has a few different kind of species and the strongest one is called Chironex fleckeri. So dont dance with any kind of jellyfishes while in Austrlia, you never know.

Bull Shark


Another sea animal? Yea that was your clue, if you dont wanna die dont go for a swim. Just kidding you can go swimming, but on your own responsibility. Look at this big guy, you know he is pretty though. He is also called Zambi in some parts of the world.He likes to be in shallow and warm waters and it's pretty aggressive so be careful.

Common Death Adder


Yeah, no kidding. It's name is DEATH adder it speak for it self. It is one of the most venomous snakes in Australia. She likes to attack its pray from the hidden places and it covers itself with leaves. She produces a venom that contains a super strong neurotoxin and she is lightning fast! It's almost similar to The Ring but you dont have 7 or 6 days but 6 hours to deliver the antidote or you can die. So watch where you step!

Estuarine Crocodile


Look at this guy and those mean looking teeth, and he is super huge a male adult can reach a size of 6m (19.7ft) and there are some of the almost 7m (23 ft) long. He likes to lie in wait and ambush his prey which can also be a human. After he ambushes it he will try to drown them or he just swallows it. So be careful if walking by some saltwater you never know when he might pop up.

All in all Australia is a beautiful continent, filled with different kids of other amazing wild life and theres plenty to see so dont be afraid, pack up and head to visit Australia, if you survive you wont regret it! You ever been in australi? See some of these animals in person? Please feel free to share with us in the comments section, Till next time, guys.

Best wishes to all, Vjeko

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