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Cool Cousin is the solution for the heavy work of making much of the preparations for a trip. When a tourist wants to go to a certain place in the world, he or she must do a lot of research on pages that are not precise enough, are not made for them and often lie to catch customers.

This without taking into account that if they travel to a place they have never been to, they can hardly find a guide that goes beyond the main attractions of a city, someone who can give them detailed information about what a tourist needs: Lodging, events , shopping centers, restaurants, cinemas, and all kinds of places and services according to the exact taste of each individual. Have you ever thought about finding the exact person who knows exactly what you want? Well that is now possible, at least to make your vacation or business trip with the greatest comfort you have ever had, something that by yourself you could not achieve unless you spent a lot of time in a locality.

Cool Cousin offers an application where the Cousins

are other users of your travel destination who have similar tastes to yours and can help you in everything related to your journey, or just see your profile you can find all kinds of sites of your liking Maybe you are interested

If you want to travel to Pisa, Italy, you can find a Cousin, several in fact, from that locality and they can answer exactly what you ask and for a small tip, their services can be even bigger, they can be your tourist guide via the app and that's a service that no other travel agency can give you (not even a social network), only Cool Cousin.


Do you wonder if this is reliable and how is it possible?

Cool Cousin is a decentralized travel agency, based on blockchain technology, which works with its own cryptocurrency called CUZ to use its cheap services and to pay those who make it possible. Each Cousin will earn tips for the service provided to other users such as administering the profiles, see that they get useful information, answer questions and whatever you can think of since they know the area where they live very well, and you can earn money by doing Counsin for those who want to visit your locality, or pointing out errors in the information of other users making the service a great community of support for the best wikipedia style.

All this with the great security offered by the blockchain and its low cost.

"Cool Cousin will save travelers time and bad experience. Create a platform for visitors to truly experience the locality, while offering locals the opportunity to win for their knowledge. "

But not only you will find in the app information that Counsins give you, but also companies associated to the platform you can promote yourself and give you information of what you want, you will not have to travel to see where to stay or where to buy supplies, you will be able to find out exactly where You will avoid any problem or time.

The community works in this way:


The community has power over itself thanks to the transparency of the blockchain, where all the information of the app is recorded forever. This avoids commercial manipulation where anything suspicious will be intervened and a user sanctioned. Nobody can lie about the services of a certain company or local in exchange for money, because other users would warn the lie as there are thousands of these who will be aware of what is said on the platform.


You can not forget the great help of making payments with CUZ instantaneously, without extra fee for this service, thus benefiting the traveler who otherwise would have to make slow banking transactions from continent to continent and with higher expenses for hiring the classic travel agencies. travels.

You can also use the CUZ tokens with the associated companies that over time will be more and more, paying for services even before traveling, providing a comfort that could easily be done by a secretary or butler, but dispensing with these and for a cost very much less. The possible autonomy is practically infinite.


The perfect application that every traveler will love is a reality and has come to revolutionize both business and leisure travel.

For those of us who hate typical and programmed tourism experiences, Cool Cousin is the perfect companion. You will never make a trip and remember in mid-flight that you forgot to program some detail, from now on you will do it directly from your cell phone, at any time of the day and anywhere in the world.

For more information watch this video and check the links below:



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