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RE: 6 hours to Liaocheng - The Water City

in #travel6 years ago

I just went through your posts and holy moley they are amazing!
Are you a journalist because you've got some serious Steem cred here... the pollution piece is particularly amazing. It's a topic near and dear to my heart and one of the most frustrating things about Australian (and now US) politics. Thank goodness at least for Elon making grand Twitter offers hey.

In regards to this post... you guys are so richy rich with your 1st class tickets and your full bottles of Sprite. Can't wait to see what the water city brings...

Also, you should be adding in Steemitworldmap pins to these posts... surely you're the first Steemian in Laocheng. Here's the latest from @choogirl : Travel Digest


Haha. Thanks @aussieninja!! Means a lot coming from a future ninja warrior champion! Also great to know at least a handful of people are reading my posts.

Thanks for the tip about steemitworld map pins, I will try and figure out how to do it :)

Smashed it dude! Steemitworldmap 4evs!

Also... might be just a handful at the moment... but it's the best handful on the platform!

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