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**Last summer I had the opportunity to visit the state montenegro.terletak in the Eastern part of Europe, the country is bordered by state Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, and kroasia.negara with capital Podgorica has one of the city mainstay extraordinary indah.nama the city is a dirty. Dirty located in the South state montenegro.terletak in the seafront Adriatic, making this place is a mainstay of tourism for state is known as the crna Gora tersebut.dari area capital to dirty tourists can use the bus with prices around 11euro** *Activities that you should not miss when visiting Kotor are climbing the old fort and the magnificent castle and dazzling. The name of the castle is Kotor's Castle of San Giovanni. Visitors must climb first from the Old Town Kotor towards the Castle. To get into this area, visitors only need to pay 3 euros only*

From the top of the hill castle, visitors can see the scenery under the beautiful city of Kotor. Cruise ships that are always going back and forth in the waters of the Kotor peninsula can be very clear. Make sure you bring mineral water and snacks / heavy when you get there because extra stamina is needed to climb the uphill streets. It may be tiring, but to be honest, for me every step will be invaluable. The famous food there is processed seafood. Different types of seafood are served with amazing flavor. The price was not too expensive. Other famous foods are processed bread usually eaten for breakfast. If you are a hobby of swimming, Bay of Kotor has a clear water quality is very convenient to perform these activities. Visitors can also rent a small boat to surround the area around Bay of Kotor at a price of about 25 Euro per person. In terms of accommodation, Kotor has many hotels and hostels. Visitors only need to choose just the most strategic location, whether in the Old Town Kotor or outside the Old Town. The price will be relatively cheaper if visitors choose accommodation within the Old Town area. I personally stay at the hostel which is located inside the Old Town which is very strategic. The price is only 9 Euro per night with good supporting facilities and quite complete. >>*Overall, experience I visited dirty very enjoyable. May be a lot of people in Indonesia that do not know the beauty of the city in the Balkans this, but I highly recommend for lovers traveling to visit and enjoy the city in Eastern Europe this.*