Panoramic views of Sabie River!

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Up till now, going through the Kruger National Park, we saw mostly dry grass and very little water. Now we found ourselves confounded by a wide river full of water!


What a beautiful site!

Our daughter stopped the car and we sat quietly gobsmacked looking at its vastness. It was so lovely in its still quiet serene immenseness. 

And then looking further to our right, we saw this sight: 

See the large bird’s nests in the tree on the right. And also the little nest in the tree in the distance, on the left. We waited to see which birds would inhabit these nests, but none came to claim them.  

So we moved on, after a while.

But now the road started to dip lower, and on our left, we saw this scene: 

It’s a perfect composition don’t you think? Well I thought so at the time, so I took out my camera hoping to capture it, to paint it someday. 

What you are looking at now, is an oil painting I did of it. 

How I painted it:

I blocked in the basic shapes of the things in the scene. 

  1. Using a mixture of Cobalt blue and white for the sky and water area.  
  2. A mixture of Raw umber and Sap green for the trees.  
  3. And raw sienna and raw umber for the foreground, depending on the colour of the forms and areas. 

Note: This coat of paint won’t be a dark as you see the completed painting. With each subsequent layer, you darken the dark areas. Building up the strength of colour, with translucent pigments wherever possible! Only use a little white here its necessary. 

  1. And when the first block in was dry, I start on the sky again. I lighten it, leaving the blue haloes surrounding the trees.  
  2. The blur of the blue halo creates an atmospheric condition between the sparse twigs. It also creates an emotional impact on people looking at it. 
  3. And the subtle colour and brushstrokes within the outer lacy fringes of the trees, reduces the need to fill in every single tiny leaf and thin twig. No fuss, more gain
  4. Also blurring creates the look of movement. And movement means life and perhaps there is a breeze happening! 
  5. And also doing the similar method to the sky, for the river’s water: Leaving its blurred borders and using a dryish brush, it gives the water a shimmering look. 

Then, with the next coat of paint, on another day, I start to fill in the lighter tints. This is to create forms, misty shadows and pinholes in the foliage of the trees. 

  • Up to this stage, most things are blurred, with no fussy details. 

And then with the last coat, another day, I fill in the details, fallen sticks, twigs, grass and flick of highlights. The white spotlights are the sunlight shining on wet or shiny leaves! 

But notice something?

…About this painting?  

Standing close-up to the painting, the trees on the far bank aren’t so misty.  

  • Usually things in the distance are lightened up, perspectively. So you feel the atmospheric dimension, from the foreground in relation to the background. 
  • But when I tried to do that, in this scene… it fall apart! Somehow it didn’t hold together. The scene lost its cosiness and leafiness.  
  • I had to subtlety adjusted things, until I got the right ambiance. To do that, I had to stand back and access its depth and dimension. 
  • I had to rely on the sunlight filtering through the trees. To create form and causing rim-lights. 
  • The subtle depth of the foreground tree’s shadows, gave further depth, to create perspective dimension of the whole scene. Thus, we get about four dimension stages from the back to the front. 
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wow what a wonderful place


Any chance of you getting to have a trip through Kruger National Park, too?

I have to come and visit there


Aaah, so you recognized the places I've been painting?!

I love art any type of art .... especially your doing excellent..


Well for the net few travel blogs you will get a lot of art fitted into the trip's story.

Wow great travel trip.You are so enjoying your kruger park trip.You stop your car and see more big and beautuful animals.Thats so amazing.Black-collared Barbet looks so beautiful.No problem your pic blurred.I see this pic.and sed the brigh side Sabie River looks so wonderful and attractive.And your water and oil painting always valuable.This oil painting looks so beautiful.Best painting.You are best artist.And thanks for sharing the the way of oil painting.I m so enjoying your travel.Thanks for sharing.@artguru.


Wait until we get to the lion kill part of our trip, then you won't be talking about barbets anymore!

Very amazing Nature photography post....upvote and resteemit done.....


I love been out in the wilds of Nature. It gets my artistic creative energies running at top gear!

Wow!! I'll give your painting a 10 on a scale of one to ten,10 being excellent.


And I give you `10 out of 10' for leaving a comment! Only steemit up-votes are a little low lately!

Nice photos

Great travel tip.
Krugar oar is beatiful. Pointed well about painting. All your photography looks so beautiful.


I love painting river scenes. And this part of our trip there was a lot of water scenes. So expect a lot of art and less trip story!

Winter is coming.Weather is totally changed.Some peoples like winter or some not.You are so enjoying your travel.Wao thats so great you see many buck.And other side you also see two Nyala Buck.Nyala buck looks so beautiful.Weather looks so cool.And your oil painting is really impressive and heart touching.Really very good efford.Sky and tress looks so beautiful in the painting.I m so enjoying your trip.Thanks for sharing.@artguru.


When we did this trip about 15 years ago, winter was finished, but Spring was late in showing its beautiful greenery.

Wow!! I think ,,this is the really enjoyable travel.. Besides,,All your photography looks so beautiful Dear @artguru..
Have a safe trip..
All the best..


We had a most enjoyable time going through the Kruger National Park, so there will be many more photos to see and as many paintings as I can create in the time between blogging, doing housework, etc I can work up for you.

wow that's a awesome art and nature photograph..... #Upvoted....


And you like drawing and painting too.

Lovely shots when did you do this trip???


Did the trip about 15 years ago?


Wow too old trip...

Wao I really like kruger park. Water is our basic need. This river looks so wonderful. You are so enjoying with your beloved family. Life is nothing with out family. I also likes birds voices. I got up early in the morning and going to walk and listen beautiful voices of many birds. And ses your painting. I think you are best artist. Your paintings always perfect. You are so talented lady. Very amazing and great combinations of colours. I really like your oil paintings. I m so enjoying your trip. Thanks for sharing. @artguru.

very very nice photography and Great nature drawing
the Kruger National Park is great and amazing place
great post my dear artguru

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