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RE: Glow Gardens indoor light festival- Glow around the world exhibit

in #travel2 years ago

Wow those are amazing! It pays to really have a DSLR. This post definitely inspires one to make a travel post. hehe. Am still writing one of my recent travels. Hope it turns out as good as yours. Hehe.


Thanks for stopping by! I highly recommend dslr, it really helps with blogging. Yoou should create some ravel posts, that would be lovely to see! I'm sure you would do a great job at it :) xox

Yeah will make some travel posts ASAP. Just can't bring myself to finish writing. Haha.

It's a little taxing sometimes, travel posts take a lot of work. More so narrowing down what I wanna say is the hardest part!

Yes exactly. Huhu. I have a lot to say and many photos to show but it takes time to make even a good post. 😅

Yes it does, I like to do research on the area to make it a fun learning experience...well at least it is for me. haha Take your time if you need to, it takes me several hours just to write, plus sometimes I have to go back because I couldn't get the photo I wanted it's all about the journey.

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