Come With Me To The Hotel Del!

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When evenings are warm and clear skies promise beautiful sunsets I love to go to the beautiful and grandiose Hotel Del Coronado for a light dinner and cocktail! Being that it’s super close to my home and nestled in one of my favorite “islands” I try to go at least once a week if the weather is warm.
No matter where you look from the outdoor bar & grill the views are splendid! No wonder so many celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe loved this place!
*photo from google images from the movie Some Like It Hot *
There’s even a ghost or ghosts, that guests claim won’t leave either!
I love getting here early and staying late, the transition brought on by the sun setting is gorgeous and I love when the hotel lights up!
After dinner, a coffee and ice cream for dessert, we take our usual stroll around the premises.
She’s gorgeous don’t you think!
Till next week!

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nice and beautiful

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Beautiful hotel

Beautiful! I have been there but only to walk around the outside. Never knew Marilyn stayed there!


Yes friend! Some Like It Hot was filmed here! On Sundays there is a wonderful buffet in the crown room with champagne, lobster and steak! It's one of my favorite brunches to attend! I highly recommend it!

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What a beautiful place! I will have to add it onto my list of places to go! Thanks for sharing :)


It’s truly a great place! Their brunch buffet in the crown room is such a treat!

It is such a beautiful spot!! Glad that you are able to go there a lot.