Cat Bay and Brockway mountain in Keewenaw County, Michigan

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Hello, steemians, and welcome to my page, eh!

For today's post, I would like to show you a bit more of the Keewenaw peninsula, at the top of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Cat bay is located on the Lake Superior shoreline between Eagle River and Eagle Harbor, on the north shore of Keewenaw county. This is a small bay that is partially protected by a reef of rock that extends out of the water across the edge of the bay. This particular bay has a sand beach instead of the usual pebble beaches that are typical of the Lake Superior shoreline in this area. It was a hot humid day when I took these pictures so it was quit hazy in the distance of the lake.

At this point along the shoreline, you're looking mostly north when you look directly out onto the lake. This is the east end of the bay with the reef sticking up out of the water. You can also see the mostly red sand that makes up the beach. As you can see, it was a very calm day for waves.

This is the west end of the bay. The sun's position made this picture a bit more washed out.

This is a better picture of the point of land that defines the east end of the bay. This part of the shoreline is made up of hard layers of igneous rock with softer sedimentary layers in between the hard layers. The reef on Cat Bay is a hard layer, with the beach area being worn out of the softer layers by centuries of wave action. There's a cabin on the other side of those trees, facing the lake, a very interesting place to spend the summer, I would think.

Continuing our drive along the north shore of the Keewenaw, we drive through Eagle Harbor and continue on for several miles on highway M-26 to the intersection of Brockway Mountain Drive. We continue up Brockway Mountain drive to the top of Brockway Mountain. Brockway Mountain is an escarpment of conglomerate "traprock" that forms the north side of the ancient rift in the Keewenaw Peninsula. The north side is sloped down toward Lake Superior, and the south side is a vertical cliff that drops down to a talus slope of crumbled traprock that has eroded from the side of the cliff. The following pictures are from a previous trip there because I didn't take any pictures of the cliff this trip.

This view is looking east toward Copper Harbor.

This is a look down the cliff.

These pictures were taken on my trip last weekend on that hot humid hazy day, looking out toward the lake.
A look toward the north west. Brockway slopes off to the west as well as the north.

This is looking more westerly along the edge of the Keewenaw.

A look down the hill to the lake to the north west.

A look out toward the lake to the north.

If you happen to be at this location on top of Brockway Mountain on a clear sunny day with no haze or fog, you can just see the edge of Isle Royal along the horizon to the northwest. On some occasions, you can also see one of the big lake freighters making it's way across the lake with it's cargo.
For me, this location is also a strongly spiritual place, where land meets water and sky, a good place to go to commune with the spirits, if that is something that you do.

Well, that's all I have for this post, I hope you found it interesting!

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Nice and quiet, not to many Walmart's or home depots around. :-)


That's quite true. :-)
The nearest big box store is in Houghton, about 30 or so miles from there.

What an amazing looking place. My wife and i are going to retire in a place that looks alot like this. Native bush and clear inlets with lots of fish. What a dream...


It's definitely a dream worth having!

Beautiful scenery! I’ve only seen part of the Great Lakes when we visited Chicago, but it looks lovely where you are! I’ve always been afraid to swim in lakes for some reason, but I would love to take a walk around there! :)


You have to be pretty thick skinned to swim in Lake Superior because it's always cold. Walking on the beach and in the water a bit, however, is quite lovely. The lake is big enough that you get the same feeling that you do when walking on the beach on the ocean. The other side of lake is well beyond the horizon so all you see is the water when you look out, or maybe an island if there's one close.

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