Beauty Of My country Part 1

in #travel5 years ago

Hello To the Dear friend!

Today i have got some of the great collection of picture of the city i live,This is really a pleasure to share the beauty of my country to the world i have always bring some great pictures to my friends I hope many are interested to see the beaut of my county so i always try to have a great clicks for my steemians.

Pictures Collection:




a (6).jpeg

a (4).jpeg

a (3).jpeg

a (23).jpeg

a (22).jpeg

a (21).jpeg

a (20).jpeg

a (19).jpeg

a (7).jpeg

a (17).jpeg

a (11).jpeg


Awesome bro!!
keep posting these amazing pictures!

Ohh, sory but what is your country??

Pakistan is my country

Oh wow. Pakistan is so beautiful. who would have thought?

thats why i want to share our beauty

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so beautiful. I have not been there

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