Minneapolis Murals: Their Stories And Where to Find Them - Intro

in travel •  15 days ago

Bob-Dylan-Wall-Minneapolis-2 (1).jpg

One of my favorite free things to do when I’m back in my hometown is to explore the Minneapolis murals. It’s an interactive way to explore the different neighborhoods of town, and the colorful backdrops are of course ideal for the ‘gram.

But more importantly, the murals of Minneapolis are about community. Each piece has its own meaning that portrays a significant element of our city’s culture. I encourage locals and tourists alike to take the time to learn about. Visit each mural and take the time to learn a little about the community that surrounds it!

Photo Credit: Via Wikimedia Creative Commons https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bob_Dylan_Mural,Minneapolis(34397870216).jpg

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