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Malta is the small piece of Europe located on islands of the Maltese archipelago. The tiny state is a unique combination of beauty of local landscapes to monuments and legends of ancient history, the soft and favorable climate allures a huge number of tourists from all over the world.

The Maltese archipelago consists of three main islands: Malta, Gozo and Komino, and also from a set of not populated - Kominotto, Filfla, Saint-Pols and others. Many call Malta the toy country. Honestly, there are neither rivers, nor mountains, and the city call only two-three streets with several houses. However, through many centuries these three small Mediterranean islands were in the center of drama events of Europe; they have incorporated everything - both great history, and rich culture. There is no similar corner on Earth where unique cultural monuments of human history would be concentrated on such small space so many.

Malta is graceful, tiny and, at the same time, is surprisingly rich with mysterious events of the past, majestic architecture and beautiful, hospitable people. This wealth with interest would be enough for all Europe.

Malta located in the center of maritime routes from Europe to Asia and Africa long since attracted conquerors. In the 8th century BC Phoenicians and almost at the same time — Greeks begin to colonize Malta. From 4th century BC to the 13th century AD she was alternately captured by Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantium, Arabs, Normans, Spaniards.

In 1530 the emperor Charles V provided Malta spiritual knightly to the award of ioannit which received since then the name of the Order of Malta. In 1798 Malta was taken by the French army under Napoleon Bonaparte's command going to Egypt. Napoleon abolished the power of an award on the island. On September 5, 1800 British, in turn, occupied the capital of Malta Valletta by the troops and hoisted the British colors there. Englishman Alexander Ball became the military governor of the island. Under the terms of the Parisian world of 1814 Malta departed Great Britain. British turned it into the colony and naval base.

In 1964 Malta gained independence of Great Britain, and since 1974 the republic is proclaimed, however up to 1979 when on Malta the last English naval base was liquidated, the English queen was still considered as the head of state.

On climatic conditions - abundance of heat and light - the Maltese archipelago doesn't concede to the best resorts of the southern countries. Maltese climate warm and favorable for health. There are no cold winds, fogs, snow or frosts.

This magnificent place for the tourists and travelers preferring active recreation. Fans of old times and aquatics on Malta are waited by tremendous opening.

It is unlikely to the Mediterranean there will be so clean sea, as on Malta. Therefore having a rest on Malta it is possible to admire and photograph sea miracles even deeply and almost all the year round, sea temperature seldom falls below 13 °C. Numerous cozy bays even in storm weather will protect from waves of openers of fantastic treasures of sea depths.

That who dreams to avoid noise and vanity, to dream in silence on the sun and to test all delights of sea entertainments, the small island Kamino as well as possible approaches. Its magnificent Blue lagoon — one of the most beautiful places of the archipelago. Almost all the year round the mountainous landscape of the island is covered in wild flowers. Heavenly tranquility is broken by no achievements of a civilization.


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