Some random stuff from Japan (Original Content)

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You see a lot of crazy things in Japan but it's great! I figured I'll share a few random photos.

A very futuristic tour boat on the river near Asakusa Tokyo

Many of the temples are marked with this Swastika like symbol. Granted most of the temples were built a long time prior to last century :)


These crazy photo booths are everywhere. Campai.

Did you know you can dress up as the Mario Kart toons and drive around Tokyo in a go-kart?

The toilets in Japan are next level fully-featured.

Japanese hostels offer a lot of privacy in their dormitories.

Sometimes you will walk into an enclosed shopping street and it looks like it runs forever.

Check out the Golden Pavilion, a temple in Kyoto painted with gold.

If you haven't done a sushi train you haven't been to Japan!

How cool is this compact motorbike? I'd never seen anything like it before.

Cooking in an old-school Japanese kitchen

Anime is everywhere of course!

I don't know why but I just love these. They remind me of the heads in Spirited Away.

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What a country. Such a difference with the Netherlands!

Japan is awesome

Hi @adventurerider

You found yourself really interesting stuff in Japan. For me the that nterest me is the Capsule hotel / Pod hotel, correct me if im wrong. Anyway im looking forward to your next post about your travel.

Mr. Fun Traveller

kyoto is on my life list. i have to go there. have to.

Kyoto was great! I wish we had more time there.

awesome photography .

Beautiful photographs from Japan @adventurerider. Compact motorbike I also have not seen Anything like that before. Thanks for sharing.

Tell me about it... you could keep it in the trunk of your car no problem!

the Asian, the African, the Middle eastern and the Caucasian
those are what the statue represent

Good spot! Come to think of it, it may have been an international hotel.

could very well be ^.^

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Wow that boat sure is cool! I’d love to drive that thing. And the swatstika was a symbol of peace prior to Hitlers reign!

The things you learn everyday !

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There are lots of interesting places in Japan!

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Great photos! Gotta resteem this... :)

Thanks Tezmel =D