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The Kailasa temple is devoted to Lord Shiva, and this is world's most massive monolithic structure carved out of a single rock. Many people think this arrangement is humanly not possible and built by some very advanced civilization or extraterrestrials.


What Motivated Me to Visit Kailasa Temple?

Once, I visited a RubyConf(a conference on Ruby programming) which happened in India 2 years back. Here I met "Laurent Sansonetti." who was going to visit Kailasa temple with his family. He presented me some extraordinary facts about this temple which made me curious to know more about this place.

From that day itself, I started reading and watching videos about this temple. And I came across extraordinary and impressive facts about this temple

  • This is world's only site built from a single rock.

  • Generally a site or a building is built by gathering stones and putting one over another, but a single rock was scooped out to create this gigantic structure.


  • Few historian believes that this structure is not humanly possible and gives credit for constructing this structure to some very advanced civilization or extraterrestrials. While watching a video, I came to know about an eye-opener explanation which justifies that aliens might have built this structure:

As per historians, to create this structure over 400,000 tonnes of rocks were scooped out from a single stone, and it took around 18 years to build this site. If people worked for 12 hours a day and 365 days a year for 18 years, then,

400000/(1236518)=5.07 tonnes

So, around 5.07 tonnes of rock stones were taken out per day which is still a massive task to be achieved even with today's smart machinery. And we did not consider the time spent on beautiful architecture, amazing statues, and in-carving all around the temple which must have taken a considerable amount of time. And all this about the temple does not seem to be humanly possible.

  • The top of the temple carries an X mark. One can see this on google earth as well. People believe this was a landing platform for the extraterrestrials.


  • The structure of this temple is robust and undestroyable. King Aurangzeb ordered to destroy this temple with a labor of 1000 people. These 1000 people worked day and night for three years to demolish the site, but could just distort few statues. Finally, he gave up. It's similar to a Mughal king who ordered to devastate the Mishra pyramids but gave up due to its undestroyable structure.



History of Kailasa Temple:

King Krishna possibly built it starting from Krishna 756 CE, and it took around 18 years to complete this. Some historian even believes that this was the first site created in Ellora and rest of the caves were constructed later. This place has the best carvings and statues all across the caves in Ellora. So, if this was the first temple created, then how it was so perfect and better than other structures. So, still, there is a debate amongst different groups of archeologist about the dating of construction of this site.
Kailasa temple has the multiple distinct architectural and sculptural styles. So, historian believe, different Kings time to time added sculptures and statues of they used to follow.







Structure of Kailasa Temple:

Unlike other sites, the excavation of this temple started from the top of the stone and then downwards. The scooping out technique used in this architecture is also known as cut-out excavation. Within the center of the temple, there is a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva which also has a statue of Nandi. This center shrine is having 16 pillars and full of painting. This place is dark so that there is no harm to picture due to excessive light. This memorial connects to another building via a small bridge. The interesting about this is no other stones were used to build this bridge, and it was excavated from the single rock only. So, this is a perfect example of excellent planning required to make this architecture. In the Verandah, a 100 feet high pillar is there which was again cut from that single rock only. This temple also contains statues of Elephant, Horses as well. Kailasa temple also has many modern days facilities which include balconies, rainwater harvesting system, water drainage, etc. which justify the presence of an advanced civilization.





Tips and tricks

  • It is closed on Tuesday, so plan your visit accordingly.
  • Read about this place before visiting, as you will be able to relate more to the shrine, statues and all.
  • This site is all commercialized, so one does not need to carry foodstuff and all.
  • Hire a guide for better understanding of the history, events and the place.
  • Also try sweet corns from the local vendors around. They server delicious sweet corn and an excellent tea time.
  • Best time to visit this place is in December. At this time, classical music shows happen here which adds to the pleasure of attending this site.
  • A beautiful garden is also surrounded by this which is very well maintained by Archeological Survey of India. One can take good rest here. So, no need to have a nearby booking to make a quick nap.
  • Try to visit this place on a weekday as the area will be little less noisy and you will be able to spend a good time here.


Keep Travelling

Authored by: @qagiri

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Wow this is simply amazing, would be difficult to replicate this even today with all the technology.

Nice collection of photos.

beautiful :o

let me blog the news about the temple of khrisna. so that I can enlighten the other friends about how beautiful the temple is,
before thank you very much, poatingannya very inspiring


I would like to read your blog on the Temple of Krishna when you write it! I love learning about the great ancient civilizations that shaped our world.


Yupss your a, continue good luck, blog I take from my friend @adsactly

first of all i appriciate ur travel and share with us these great temples and caves which surely i see in first time in my life in ur posts and i m seeing ur travel and posts daily of ur travel and i m happy to see these great and intresting places and also this temple is the big example and i really impress from those people who made it they was really great and more jenious person and i appriciate them who made these great and world best big more attractive and outclass caves and temples....i really enjoying ur this travel @adsactly i save some of photos in my computer



Thanks a ton for the beautiful comment :)

This is a must visit. This is extraordinary , I can somehow relate to the terms used because I used to play an online game called Tantra and it uses such terms like Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu. Thanks for a wonderful post!


haha :p these are not terms :p these are all hindu gods or maybe call them gods of hinduss.


The stories related to this place are really fascinating.

Curiosity has enabled many to know more because in a quest to know more you search in so doing you get more knowledge

India has a fascinating cultural and religious history.


yeah its a beautiful country , i was there for like 24 days .


very true

what an amazing discovery and what humans can achieve when working together towards something bigger than themselves.

thank you for sharing


Very well said! Combined efforts always give multifold outcomes


as long as all involved genuinely share the same vision and goal.

What a spectacular piece of architecture! I will definitely have to visit next time I am in India.

While it's fascinating to think about the amazing efforts that have gone into building this, I personally think that, rather than aliens, it is simply because humans were much more intelligent in the past than they are now.

As soon as we invented books, we had ways of storing our knowledge by writing it down, and therefore we could give our brains a rest. Now we have the internet, so we have even more access to information and knowledge. So we need to use our brains even less. I think it's natural that if we are using our brains less, then we will evolve (or de-evolve) to have less powerful brains in general.

The next stage of this development is when we actually become part machine; the birth of the age of cyborgs. This has already began and we will see great development in this in the coming decades.

Think about all of the islands in the South Pacific Ocean, that are thousands of kilometres away from the nearest continent; places like Fiji, Tonga, Tahiti etc. When the explorers of the 1500s, 1600s and 1700s were sailing the world and "discovered" these islands, they were already inhabited for thousands of years. If all people came from Africa originally, then how did these people get to these remote islands? They must have been highly intelligent and had amazing skills.

That's my theory anyway. Great post, looking forward to more from you!


Good explanation @donnymurph
Thanks a ton for reading this post :)

Awsome place and well written..appreciated the author for bringing this up,,,,great work...

this is a good place to visit for the believers of this faith too. Those architecture are very unique and so ancient.. 18 years of making is really an art work.

Happy New Year on behalf of you and my family

And your coming year is better than this year, and God will give you every happiness you are trying for.

Wow, this is so amazing, the little I know about India, I think Krishna is like a god in India, as the king who started this structure, he's really worth a small god. Amazing, please keep up with such post, I love reading about amazing structures around the world.


#likeagod LOL | What you mean by that dear ?

Thank you for sharing @adsactly

Shiva is the first yogi and hence he is also known as Adiyogi

In my town we have Thaneshwar Temple to workship him but he can be worshipped from anywhere.

Famous and most powerful Mantra :
Om Namah Shivay


🙏🙏 om namah shivay 🙏🙏 🙏 This Is Mahamritunjay mantra

ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम्।
उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान् मृत्योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात्॥


Thanks a ton for your great comment :)

nice photography r u professional photographer???

Please follow me back,thank you

First I would like to wish you a happy new year! second I would like to thank you for sharing your experiences and stories, because they help a lot all new steemians like me, who want to grow and reach your level of quality.
Since today I will follow closely your posts and your blog updates. Will be happy if you follow @nunojesus

nice description of Kailasa Temple.

That is an awesome temple! I'm just trying to wrap my head around that volume of labor. There must have been many people that spent their entire working life on building this temple. Wow!

I am from india and i love my culture and you decribe our culture very beautifully. You are grear content writter. i love your all posts and this is my favourity

super place to travel...really awsome

What a nice place to be

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Such an interesting post. The way you describe it I like to visit the temple right away. Hopefully in 2018. Cheers! Happy new year :)

Sometimes we find one word that makes us interested, so become attached as a science for us,
congratulations end of the year @adsactly to the temple.

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Stotry and good post

Really awesome in this place ..... and personally i like this view

I am following you for few weeks and you are doing a great job.
I love almost all the pictures you take and the majority are for Historical places.
and I wonder how you went to all these places and take all theses nice photographs, you are really creative. Keep it up


Thanks a ton!
In future as well, we will try to get great content :)

It is interesting to know that in Java Island of Indonesia, there are also many hindu temples who are also believed by locals to be built by non-human superpower. The most famous is the Borobudur Temple which is known as the world's largest hindu temple built in Built in the 9th century during the reign of the Sailendra Dynasty decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues. The temple is so big that most people think it is impossible to be made by human with limited technology during the 9th century of Indonesian civilisation. Thanks for the enlightenment @adsactly

🚀🚀🚀 Happy New Year 🚀🚀🚀

What a cool post. I love Lord Shiva #namaste

Good post

Happy New year to @adsactly and community members

Great post! Beautiful pictures and very informative! Definitely adding Kailasa Temple to my travel list! I didn’t see where it is located in your post... what country is it in?

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Thanks for sharing!! I'ts a great story. Happy new year, I'm following you ;)

Ancient Indian knowledge and technology were so great that we can only amaze watching them. We lost a lot subsequently, however, because of disturbance in the region caused by foreign invasions.

It's great to see that people talk about INDIA. Proud to be an Indian . Great work .😄

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People who blog about traveling on Steemit get me a bit jealous... Hehehe..I would really love to do that too.

awesome place, we have many in Cambodia like Angkor wat temple.

Hello, I really like the content that you upload to your blog, I think it's great. Do you support me with my blog? Thank you!

Thanks for sharing I spent a few months in South India in 2013 and visited several temples that blew my mind. It is good to see your documentation of these ancient mysterious treasures of devotion.

hello @adsactly it a beautiful pictures and wonderful views about the history i wish for you best and share more with us you made it in a special way perfect

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Temples are very famous in india .Thanks to keep

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Monolithic structure,
Amazing piece of archtecture!

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Happy new year

I feel like at one time I was birthed inside of this temple and laid to rest all in the same life.

You just earned my follow.

Feel free to check out my artwork and photos. I just released my best of 2017 videos today.

Thanks my friend, keep up your Steeming.

travel is hope

nice post. most of the history of the temple with uniqueness of the temple is narrated by the Authored by: @qagiri. good research on the temple. photos are very well taken. thanks for bringing this place notice to us.

@adsactly || If You Loved This place & still if you are in india then visit "TAJ-MAHAL" the beauty is worth to felt & ofcourse the story of labourers is quiet horrible , i am not sure if its true , but u can find it yourself .

BTW Happy New Year

Great pictures and good write up... though I will likely never make it there, it is great to get to check it out this way.

what a stunning revelation and what people can accomplish when cooperating towards an option that is greater than themselves..

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Thanks For Sharing, it is great gaining knowledge about Kailasa Temple and You have got nice pictures too.

I love your travel posts @adsactly such a massive endeavour to unearth this impressive piece of history! Thank you for the inspiration always, Nick

Incredible! Thank you for sharing. Putting it on the bucket list!

Incredible! Thank you for sharing. Going on the bucket list!

Nice post keep posting
Happy new year

if i have enough money i must travel to this place

I wipe with a culture especially in indonesia the borobudur temple.

Thanks a lot for all these photos and comments ! This temple is fantastic, so massive. Wish to all a Happy New Year !

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Wow, this is really cool!

Nice pictures.I must visit this place one day.

Happy new year.

Menarik perhatian

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cool, good to know :)

as a travel lover i really liked your post very informative...
follow me on @shahbazshaw and see my travel experience :)

Really intriguing history and very well-written!!

Keep it up - upvoted and followed.

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When I see new buildings from famous architects like Calatrava and compare it to ancient structures of the past. Back then they built for an eternity but nowadays?

It's a remarkable Buildt and for me nearly unbelievable that it was buildt from one rock.
I will visite this place one day.

Thanks for sharing the ancient Kailasa temple .
Stone carvings are really beautiful.
I'm Very interesting in the story.
Nice helpful Tips & Tricks .
I'm a newbie in Steemit.
Best regards!

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