Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand!

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Today was offically my first full day in Bangkok. I started the day off with a yummy juice from a juice stand right outside of my hotel. It was delicious! I plan on enjoying these type of drinks everyday that I am in Thailand. Thailand is "the land of fruit", they are known for all their amazing numbers of different unique and delicious fruits.

After drinking my carrot, ginger, pinapple smoothie, I meet up with a few other Steemians for breakfast.
I am traveling with @karensuestudios and @threebagsfull , we are all from the same city. We got to meet up with @earworm and @mayasiam , who both live in Bangkok. @ramengirl also joined in on the fun! It is so nice to see my Steemit friends in real life and also meet new ones! It was my first time meeting @earworm and @mayasiam . They have been amazing guides and hosts of advice for traveling in Thailand!!!

We decided to go check out the Grand Palace. This huge gold monument is royal and decked out in gold. It was an outstanding site to see. The Thai people are strict with the dress code with people entering these temples. Your shoulders must be covered and you must have long pants on. Thailand's climate can be very warm, we were definitely sweating while checking out this beautiful place.

20180114_211106.jpg (22).gif






One of the areas that we where allowed to enter required us to take of our shoes. This restricted us from taking pictures, it was a sacred place where Thai people can come to pray. This area had an epic shrine that was all gold. We were not allowed to take pictures in that area.




The Grand Palace was an extraordinary place to visit in Thailand. I would recommend it to anyone that is visiting Bangkok.

Thanks for checking out my pictures from today's adventure!
Thank you for all your support!

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Looks good mate, how many ladyboys did you get in the end?

aww thats so cool :') i hope the best for u

Have a good trip in Thailand 🇹🇭

Wow really great place one..I appreciate your place..And enjoy this time...✌✌✌✌

DUDE! this looks freaking beautiful :) I'm so happy for you guys that you get to enjoy life and go on this beautiful trip! I cannot wait to join you guys on the next adventure. have fun1

nice and fun sharing thanks👍👍acromott

Awesome place to travel!!

ah man why didn't you take me with you :(

wow!amazing travel..i like thailand,,thanks for sharing your of luck.

Have a nice adventure my friend

Life of Bangkok is really amazing . And nice photo

Nice man. Bangkok is an amazing city! Great you're meeting people who actually live there, they can probably tell you so much more than any other travel book.

Thailand is on my list for sure. I would definitely reduce all their fruit resource during my stay :D great photos and nice story, will follow you on this adventure :)

Wahh sick that so many of you guys met up in Bangkok. I have a house in Thailand so spend quite a lot of time there, actually met up with @flipstar for new years on Koh Lanta.

In Sweden atm tho so will have to meet you guys up next time 🙏🏼

you coming to Phuket also?

Indeed Grand Palace is amazing. So much gold coverings.woo..

You had me at fruit....but the scenery is fabulous. Safe travels..