Road Trip highlights ; My favorite views in South Island, New Zealand

in travel •  11 months ago

Dear steemit friends,

First to say, I’m definitely not a hiker and I have recently visited a country like new Zealand , especially South Island , where 90% of the attractions are hikes and walks . But lucky for me, there are plenty of amazing views from the road side or from the park or even from the room we slept.

Here are some of the views that are absolutely stunning.


Manapouri was really a small town that we stopped to break our journey to Milford sound. And I’m Glad we did, it was absolutely stunning place. By this time we have seen, a dozen of beautiful lakes .

But I felt Lake Manapouri is amongst the most beautiful as it has the array of 33 small island. The backdrop of the majestic Mountain ranges make the view ever stunning .


We stayed at 2 nights in Manapouri Lakeview Motor Inn.The view from our room is something you would see from the movie, after all many international movies like lord of the ring and Jurassic Park etc were filmed at the Fiordland National Park , which is where the region of manapouri is. They even have a sandy beach. , although lake and beach seems a bit strange .and there you have a whole place of paradise to yourself. We also seen the rainbow twice when we were there. So look out for one when u have a chance .


Peter's Lookout

There are many lookout in new Zealand. They can be easily found with signs , so it’s hard to missed out. This particular look out was on the way to mount Cook national park .

The view here is amazing with mountains to your back, the glacier lake
in blue in front and the snow capped mountains beyond that( aka mount cook ) . You can
even go down by the lake pukaki .But I will pray for sunny day to be able to clearly see the snow from far.



Road to Mt. Cook National park

After passing through the “ peter look out” ,you will have another stunning drive. This particular drive remind me Iran. I always think Iran could be one of the best countries to have a road trip too. Since the road is highway, the cars passing through this road went really fast. But there are a few safe areas to pull off and take some snaps like this one.


Hooker Valley walk

This 5 km walking track in Mount Cook National Park leads to Hooker Lake & offers amazing views. To truly admit, it was definitely a struggle for me to do this walk, The route has a well path, but it was pretty crowded and I felt like everyone was rushing on and off. But can’t complain with this view though! Although the valley remind me spiti valley, which I definitely prefer more as I could sit on a car. :P


Drive from lake Hawea to lake wanaka lookout

This drive was pretty awesome, as you drive along the beautiful blue lakes one after another.


Rippon Vineyard

If you are like me who didn’t like hiking but enjoy good view, I highly recommend to stop by at this winery at Wanaka town .

Seriously, the view from there is one of the best view in south island, in my honest opinion and it is totally free to visit.

You can also take part in their free wine tasting and try out the many different wine. As I don’t drink , I can’t say how their taste are but my friends told me they are good and pretty affordable. During our visit, we got to witness a private wedding event from a far and it was amazing.

Dear future husband, this could totally be our wedding venue! Argh..


Rob Roy Glacier (The drive to Mt. Aspiring car park )

Although again , we didn’t do any hike as we arrived there pretty late. But this is one of my favorite drives in South island – it’s absolutely stunning. I know I probably had said it a lot in this post, But it truly is. We drove along a dirt farm roads and it has to be driven slowly. But it was probably better as we could enjoy the many animals farms and mountains. The road is directly towards the big mountains and finally ended at glaciers of the park.


Lots of animals Farms

I have read somewhere this statement “ there are more animals than people on newzealand” and I totally agree! We had seen way too much of them and the highlights would be these littles guys called alpaca. Super friendly!


Can you able to count how many of them?

Drive to Milford sound

I would say the drive was mostly in the forest and we had bad weather day. But there was a one way tunnel before reaching to the Milford sound terminal and I particularly love the sights of that area. Even if it was raining , we are graced with hundreds of temporary waterfalls cascading down from the mists.What a sight!


Ferry terminal at Milford sound

This must be one of the most beautiful ferry terminal in the world. Although I am glad, I did the cruise thingy, but I have to say the view at the ferry terminal was my most favorite!



Queenstown was the most crowded place that we visited in South island. But I guess I can’t skip the view of the town , as they are pretty picturesque from anywhere.


The many lakes that aren’t so popular

On every town and place we stopped by, there was always a lake nearby. And I absolutely loved them all. Most of them had hardly anyone. You could see someone walking the dogs in a far.

This one is at Kingston, a place which is 45 min drive away from Queenstown . In Queenstown, you have to share with tons of people. In here, I was just alone for an entire time! I love it , but not so much on the wind as it was freezing cold.

Another lovely lake.

Blue lakes

The famous lake in South island are lake tekapo and Lake Pukaki. The colors are so blue it looks fake. Seriously, I have never seen a lake this surreal blue!


Great coastal drive

Mountains on the other and the ocean on the opposite. I haven’t been to the great ocean road in Australia, but this one took my breath away. It was also niceto have warmer temperature at the west coast.


Arthur Pass

This was the last mountain pass we drove through and definitely my most favorite. We had a cloudy and raining day and finally the sky cleared up to get this kind of views!


Under the stars

Apart from all the sights, we had the amazing sky that were full of stars every single nights! It was also my first time seeing the milky way and I will always remember these moments.


Thank you guys for reading until this far. I hope you enjoy this one.. Which one is ur favorite , let me know in the

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Thank you!
Even though we have not been there at least we already know the place through the post @aburmeseabroad.


thank you. I’m glad You are able to travel through this post.

Heya, just swinging by to let you know you're being featured in our Daily Travel Digest!


thank you very much.

Looks awesome.I 💙New Zeland


wow that look so wonderful place thank you very much for share it with us
i'm thinking about travel to New Zealand for long time , i hope i will do it soon


argh.. its awesome, you won't regret it!


Can you share some more about New Zealand?


For sure! Please check out for my future posts and thank you for taking the time to read .

Great place to visit in new Zealand. Totally natural beauty.


That’s for sure!


It is a beautiful country.


How many days are you in new Zealand?


I really love your photographs. I recently checked your insta and fb. Amazing photography. You are an artist. God bless you.

That place is beautiful,i hope you enjoyed.


thank you. we had an amazxing time.

Great photography @aburmeseabroad.. .I know that New Zealand’s South Island hosts the purest natural landscapes you’ll ever experience.... I think, you got this


Thank you for reading! Couldn’t agree more.

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wow! this is soo amazing lovely pictures, it seems like you have a wonderful trip.

this is very amazing tour. you passing very enjoyable time. New Zealand is the very beautiful country. your all pictures are very nice. great photography. i wish i will go there one day & enjoy that all places. thank you so much for your moment share with us.


Appreciate that you take your time to read. Glad u enjoy.


Thank you dear friend. you are so cute

I like your this picture. you look so preety. i enjoying your this travel & you tell is very well done. just like it dear. take care your self.

Wow! As you travel, I want to travel too. I congratulate to you because of Myanmar lady.


Thank you for your support. Appreciate it .

@aburmeseabroad i can't explain you how much i enjoy when i read your this article. just awesome dear. you visit so many place at new zealand that's great. all place are just beautiful.


Thanks a lot!

wow! very beautiful photographs. all place are very lovely. your pictures tell us you enjoy your travels so much & i really enjoying too see your all photographs. keep it up. we hope so we watching again your travels photograph!


thank you and appreciate your support .

I falled in love your pictures dear.. The nature is fascinating.. You look like enjoyed a lot from your trip..


What a road! i love it. i read your article arounnd 15 minutes!! but believe me, one secoend's i don't feel boring. i just enjoy my srlf when i read your article. you share with us your every moment. this very amazing place at NZ. i just want to say you. Thank You


Oh wow! I truly appreciate you take the time to read it. Thank you very much . I’m so happy you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy sharing them with fellow steemians. You choose the best of everything, I’ve cap mountains, endless mountains and endless view. Perfect choice!

looking mavilious fabilious newzeland!i love your post and how beautiful i newzeland to travel i also wanna to go their:(


Hope you can visit there some day. And thank you.


pleasure is all mine!my dream will come true on that

I am in love. 😍


Glad you love them .


Very beautiful and neat. The most interesting in my opinion his sheep are very fat and healthy. They are very numerous



They are not sheep. They are called alpacas and quite friendly .


No wonder the shape is different. I think the sheep there are different from those in my place. Did anyone eat their meat?

wow... its so beautiful. you enjoy your travels & I am enjoying to see your all photography with a lovely article. your all pictutres are very nice @aburmrseabroad

  • Looks like you had an awesome trip! I hoping to visit NZ one day, with the lake Wanaka on the list.
  • The future husband part sounds intriguing, although my Myanmar friends are telling me it's very complicated, eg if you were born on Monday, the husband has to be born on Thursday and so on. What if if someone falls in love with a Friday guy? ; )

Lake Wanaka was wonderful. We visited at sunset and it was wonderful with the piano sound and the light on the water. Argh, I totally don’t follow those rules. Love is already complicated and sometimes religion and tradition makes them worse. Only my personal opinion. I’m more of a romantic person I Guess. 😝

Very beautiful trip,
really very beautiful life you have friend,
I really want to enjou like you :p

I did not know before that New Zealand is such a beautiful country. And there is so much beautiful place in the world, I did not even know. Seeing your pictures today, I believe that the world is so beautiful. You shared your moments with us very beautifully. I liked the topic.


Glad you enjoy traveling through my photos!

wah this looks amazing!! New Zealand seems quite nice.


Thank you. It’s a beautiful country.

"wooww"! i am speechless! mind blowing. your all pictures are lot of very beautiful. i like all pictures so much. here is so many beautiful places. that's really amazing. specially ferry terminal at milford sound! awesome! i enjoy your travels! i will waiting for your next photographs.


Thanks a lot!

wow this is really an amazing photography dear @aburmeseabroad really love these shots. and the views are really gorgeous.


Thanks a lot.

The green green grass with the weather seems very unusual due to plants and water. The biggest thing is that the place is so beautiful,


Yes the weather was hot one minutes and freezing the next! Thank u

The place is great and the weather is very nice to see the blue blue look and the hills but it is very difficult to get to the mountains

There are many beautiful places


True.. many beautiful place in the world .

The place looks very nice to find a very cool place to look very nice

Awesome places and pictures :D I'm kind of jelly as I haven't visited New Zeeland yet :D


ThaNk you. Romania is also beautiful .


It really is and I'm proud to be born there :D

New Zealand is a beautiful country. They have many beautiful places. It is understood by seeing your pictures. You've got a lot of your photos and your article was too good. Your pictures seem to be alive. Looks like the pictures are saying.


Glad u enjoy it .


It's great photographe I really like your idea and very interested looking for yourself. thanks again thanks for sharing your excellent traveling post.its place so beautiful I love newzeland.


Thank you for ur support

these pictures left a mark on my mind
it is heaven
amazing shots


You got some great photos here. Of course, it is hard to take a bad photo in the South Island. Looks like you had a lot of fun and I'm glad you were able to go there and have all those experiences.


thank you Dave!

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အခ်ိန္ယူၿပီး ဖတ္ေပးအတြက္ ေက်းဇူးပါ

Beautiful Photography! I found your post from the Steemit Worldmap Daily Travel Digest!

This looks like an amazing trip - thanks for the virtual vacation! :D


thank you.. glad I can give you a virtual tour. :D

Wow, very wonderful trip, I feel happy and enjoy with your post.💕💕💕


glad you enjoy sweet. thank you.

My best city name of new zealand ,this is really amazing Road Trip highlights,I also my favorite views in South Island, and also loking so beautiful,Thanks for share.


Welcome sir and please only one time visit my blog @molikhatun may be like my blog


Resteem done

I like it your traveling and your photography...
Thanks for your share it...
Success is always for you sis...


Your yourney looks very nice @aburmeseabroad! Great pictures with pefect nature! If you want to visit the country a second time you can find some cheap travel deals on my blog! Check it out an enjoy 😉


thank you.. and I will check it out.

New Zealand is awesome!! :-)


yes you are right!

i love your place on holiday beautiful scenery, amazing, manopouri lakaview motor inn right? i like that, the place is nice.

Thank you for posting this! All the daytime views were breathtaking, but the picture of the Milky Way was astoundingly beautiful. I'm definitely making it a goal to visit New Zealand in the future - hopefully sooner than later!

Very good view

Omg, It's beautiful....

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Always amazing New Zeland with its great places

thank you very much for sharing your every journey with us. And New Zealand is my favorite place. weather is very beautiful New Zealand is the ideal place to spend time ♥

Such a beauty country 😍 thank you for sharing your experience. Really appreciate it! 😉