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Dear steemit friends,

Since I am self-proclaimed boring person, the last thing I want to do during my travel would be visiting a bar.But since I am traveling through New Zealand with a group of friends, it is only fair that we visited the famous Below Zero Ice Bar in Queenstown.



ice bar queenstown worth it5.jpg

So the ice bar is pretty cool unique bar where there are 18 tonnes of crystal clear ice architecture at below zero temperature. Not only you can see cool ice sculptures and furnitures, you can also enjoy yummy drinks.

ice bar queenstown worth it4.jpg

First , this is the ice bar ticketing shop where you purchase the ticket and get dressed. The actual bar was on the opposite. I thought for such a popular tourist place ( the bar was rated as no1 queenstown nightlife in tripadvisor), it's pretty unattractive.

ice bar queenstown worth it6.jpg

This picture might answers a few questions you might have. Yes children are allowed and the opening hours is from 2pm to 11pm.

ice bar queenstown worth it7.jpg

These are current price lists.Tip is you don't have to pay full price as you can get $5 off voucher at tourist information counters around Queenstown.We thought it's necessary to prebook like most attractions in queenstown are but to our surprise , we can just walk in and purchase the ticket.

Child entry + mocktail $15
Adult entry + mocktail $25
Adult entry + cocktail $30
Adult entry + 2 cocktailS $36
Family pass + 2 mocktails + 2 cocktails $75

ice bar queenstown worth it8.jpg

Although they do provide jackets, gloves and boots , but it's really important to dress warm. Don't forget it's freezing temperature.They also provide warm jackets etc for the children. Here 's my mocktail card to claim the drink. Just passed this at the counter and choose the drink you would like.

You have to be over 18 year to drink the cocktails, we were requested for our passports. But is always nice to be thought 10 years younger than your age right.

ice bar queenstown worth it10.jpg

The entry to the bar was in a group. There were around 20 of us. First we were briefed by the friendly barterer which informed us that the new sculptures had been recently been made..

ice bar queenstown worth it9.jpg

The bar was pretty small and it felt a bit cramp with many people and of course everything is made of ice, tables and chairs.

Additionally, whole bar was beautifully lit with blues and greens through to purples, all illuminating and changing through the ice .

ice bar queenstown worth it1.jpg

We were supposed to hold the cups in two hands as the glass get slippery. How cool, they are made of ice.

ice bar queenstown worth it2.jpg

My drink was nice and I love it .

ice bar queenstown worth it12.jpg

After finish drinking, you just put the empty ice cup inside the ice trash bin.

It get quite cold in there, so in a while people started to leave..

So Do I think is worth the money for visiting the ice bar ?

Since a bottle of coke in a coffee shop cost about $5 in NZ. So I think the price for the ice bar is pretty good. It does include a drink which is not bad at all , considering they provide the clothing and got to visit such a cool place.

And since the weather in South island is pretty unpredictable , so it's a nice raining day out option and our friend's kid was so in love with the place and she kept mentioning that she wanted to go back.

ice bar queenstown worth it3.jpg
Evening lights on Queenstown

Overall, we had a great time and highly recommend to visit one if you had a chance.

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Queenstown in an amazing place.....!!!
It is the queen of all the it is queenstown... Lol...
Enjoy your travel in full enjoyment...@aburmeseabroad


I like ur explanation... it's mostly known as the adventure capital of the world where u can do a lot of adventurous things.


Very unique. you will not find Ice Bar in indonesia. I am very happy with you. You always provide information I've never seen before


may be in the future.. thank you for ur continuous support.


you are my motivation in Steemit.

i listening this bar name zero ice bar in queenstown at New zeland but never see this bar. today you share their some photographs. its really great. i enjoying your travels photographs. your picture also tell us you enjoy so much your this travels. carry on buddy.


thanks a lot.


thanks to you buddy for share with us your beautiful moment.

This is very best one.Evening lights on Queenstown what a beautiful pictures you captured. i feel you enjoy this evening was too much fun here. keep it up


that's for sure! and it's entirely free..


wow that's great. thanks for your information. Be friends?

wow!! that's great. you looks very preety on here. when you drinking at a bar that time you feel may be you are the best person in the world. i feel that NZ is the most one of the beautiful country in tge world. carfy on your journey & photography.


experiencing sth like this is surely fun. thank you. NZ is beautiful.

ice bar queenstown worth it1.jpg
wow this one is very good. you look so very happy. & i think you enjoy that time when you take drink at this bar. all pictures are really awesomr. i really enjoy your this travels.


wow what lovely pictures you have captured in your traveling. you look so beautiful like this beautiful nature. New zeland have awesome olacr. you share with us your lovely moments that's great with the entry ticket price. ticket price was little high, i think so. but nice place.


thank you very much.. considering all prices in nz are so high.. we think it's not so bad.. also it's kind of a splurge as the rest of the natural sights are free!

the ice bar is so good. your all pictures are really good. i think you rnjoy here so much. the ice bar's have so many colors, its look bery beautiful. i like this bar color. hope i will be go once day in this ice bar at New zealand. thanks for share with us. you explain your travels this argicle also so good.


I want to say something about your travels.
firstly i want to say its just wooooowwww!
amazing travel. i think you will passing some beautiful moment at minus 5০ ice bar at New Zealand. wr know that New Zealand is onr of the most beautiful country in the world. you visit this place & rnjoying your self too much. your pictures expressions are says you feel very happy in this travels. best of luck for your travrls & beautiful photography.


thanks a lot! appreciate it.

This is ice bar or any thing else? first time i see this ice bar. this is very cool buddy. you looks so cute on that photographs. i hope i will go at NZ & visit this ice bar. thanks for your share.


this is trash bin. thank you for ur support.


oh that's good. you are most welcome from my heart. enjoy your self.

wow... its so beautiful. you enjoy for your travels & i enjoy for see your all photography with a lovely article. your all pictutres are very nice @aburmrseabroad. i liked it. can i download your some pictures of here? i want to save my phone gallery.


thank you. You can download the ones without me in it for personal use... or else it would be creepy. :)

very beautiful trip,
enjoying food and drinks made of ice,
really very beautiful life you friend,
I really want to like you 😭


only drinks.. thank you.


Good post..,
with a cool cold bar, an impressive journey

good post, allow me to make it okay

a very nice post with a really cool photo


You are welcome
hopefully we become friends in the virtual world like the real world

wow awesome cool pictures, beautiful place Newzealand
you've a lovely travel experience, enjoy your life !!


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You do not have the places to do a lot of fun

Awesome photographey I really appreciate your post thanks for sharing your excellent food photography post. Go away, you will not stop. Do not be afraid of the obstacles that come in the way. I wish you many good luck.

Yes I allowyes follow with you ,I really lke ice bar,we also visited the famous Below Zero Ice Bar in Queenstown thanks for share with us,

You are not boring. Your travel says it all! :-)