A Walk to the City Palace of Jaipur

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Dear steemit friends,

Today I want to share with you one of the beautiful places that I have visited in Jaipur, India called City palace.

There are many palaces around Rajasthan state of India but this City Palace in Jaipur is one of the best privately conserved palace complexes . It is built by the founder of the city , Jaipur during his dynasty between 1729 and 1732 A.D. Right now, the royal family still resides in the palace.

Only part of the palace is opened to public ( with an entrance fees around $10) and some parts of the hall way can be visited with private guide ( with another entrance fees that is about $50) . We only visited general complex ($10 entrance fees) and really enjoyed it.The architecture of the palace was a mixed of indian and european style.

city palace jaipur21.jpg

Entrance Gate to City Palace

city palace jaipur1.jpg

To reach the city palace ticketing area, you will pass by this two beautiful gates. There are similar beautiful gates around the city and every time I see them, I can't stop to admire the beauty of them. Most of the gates around the city were quite crowded , so I was happy to finally take a picture with it this time.

After we bought our tickets , we entered to the palace complex.

Like so many other buildings in jaipur, the palace was painted in pink ( reddish sandstone color). That's the reason Jaipur is mostly know as the pink city. The reason the city became pink was due to the time back in British Raj, where the princes of Whales visited , so in order to honour the royal , they painted all the building of the city into glowing pink.

city palace jaipur2.jpg

When we visited, the complex was filled with workers and stuffs. So we asked around and told that they were preparing for a wedding event. Apparently you can rent out this palace as a wedding venue, how cool! Wedding in a royal palace, this must be modern time princess wedding.. :D

city palace jaipur8.jpg

This building is called house of public audience. It is now an art gallery where they exhibit the exquisite painting etc.

visiting city palace jaipur1.jpg

I really love the intricate artwork on the walls and the ceilings are so beautiful. They also have impressive crystal chandeliers and glass wares.

visiting city palace jaipur2.jpg

The most interesting items in here are two sterling silver jars measuring 1.6 metres in height, each with capacity of 4091 litres and weighing 345 kilograms. Each jar was made out of 14000 Jaipur coins, which are melted silver coins without soldering. It is said that it took two years to make the jars.These are also officially recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest sterling silver vessels.

visiting city palace jaipur4.jpg

The place was so photogenic that I might have 123456 photos taken here...

city palace jaipur15.jpg

This is the Chandra Mahal Palace where you have to take private tour to visit. There are a few floors and courtyards you can visit from there.

visiting city palace jaipur3.jpg

Another popular attraction in city palace jaipur complex was these beautiful doorways. There are total of four small gates and these gates are made with themes symbolising four different seasons and Hindu gods. All four gates have beautiful, embossed brass doors.

visiting city palace jaipur5.jpg

At one of the entrance to the inner courtyards.. Since there was wedding preparing going on, I got to see the royal style cooking wares and display amongst the many stuffs lying around.

city palace jaipur19.jpg

After wandering around and taking lots of pictures . We left the city place. On the exist , there were many shops selling souvenirs etc and I bought this trouser that I had been seeing around.

This was our visit to city palace, Jaipur India. I hope you enjoy traveling with me... And wishes my steemit friends , Happy Easter!

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Never heard of it before, in which part of India is it?
What an amazing city


it's in the state, rajasthan border to pakistan. Yes jaipur was one of my fav city that I have been.. I love the craziness and beautiful architecture from there.

123456 is a huge number of photographs. Thanks for sharing, because I haven't visited the place.


haha.. thanks. Jaipur is my fav place in india!

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That was just so amazing!! Can you take me in your journey? <3


thank you.. I hope at least you get to travel through the photos.


I would really loved to. <3 Thank you anyways. You are such an inspiration! <3

Wow thats so beautiful. That art work on walls are impressive. Yes I'm travelling with you ;-)
Courtyard is specially designed. Architecture work is worth applausing.


thank u.. yes I really like the beautiful architecture from there.


Yes keep sharing, I would love to see more you explore.

i visited this place one month ago mam... you can check my blog there is also some picture of there. the Place is really beautiful. the traditional palace are really great.☺


yes.. I will check out ur photos..

Thank you!
Even though we have not been there at least we already know the place through the post
Thank you @aburmeseabroad, Upvoted!

Really Jaipur is a historical place and i appreciate your photography. Thanks for sharing such a amazing post.


I appreciate you taking the time to read it.

I falled in love with your Photography. It lookd like that you enjoyed a lot from your trip.


thank you.I had an amazing time over there.

wow, that looks so wonderful place thank you very much for share it with us. I'm thinking about traveling to Jaipur. I hope I will do it soon.


awesome! :)

I am in love with jaipur after reading your post & seening your Photos.


it's my fav city in india. I love it.

wow, beautiful! I love your post and how beautiful the photos were. l also wanna to go there :(
Thanks for sharing with us those beautiful photos.


thank you taking the time to read..

Aw, soooOoo beautiful place Jaipur, really extremely amazing.
The Architecture of the building is fascinating love it.


glad you enjoy the post.


The building ornament looks unique and very nice


I really like this one too!

I love India city,,,,I Follow with me to the City Palace of Jaipur photography and great shots,,,Thanks for sharing


resteem done


thank you for your support.

wow, how cool is your journey, your great adventure,


interesting post

From your photos it looks renovated (since when I have been some years ago) or is the quality of your camera get this building more beautiful ?

Wow, what beautiful place! Nice!


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I never came inside the palace, didn't want to pay for entrance. Now I see how wrong I was.
Still, Jaipur offered me some great experiences and nice memories. Like smoking weed with monks and overnight adventure in Bhangarh, lol

India indah akan destinasi peninggalan masa kerajaan,, salah satu negara yang mencintai dan merawat benda2 peninggalam masa kuno.

I would love to visit City Palace of Jaipur. I love too the intricate artwork on the walls and the ceilings. Hugs ;)

wow, I think I would also have taken too much picture, the palace is amazing. Do you know if it was restored or not over time ?

It's a great post actually I really like your Indian culture and traveling post very interested looking so beautiful I like your post thanks for sharing your excellent natural photographe post

Wah india is so much beautifull. Have you ever visited Pakistan?