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In the mountains of #Kochi prefecture in #Shikoku, #Japan, there is #KochiPrefecturalMakinoBotanicalGarden, a 6 hectare #botanicalgarden.


牧野富太郎博士(1862 - 1957年) という、有名な植物学者を記念した植物園です。牧野博士の没後1年目の1958年に開園しました。こちらは、敷地内に建てられている博士の像です。

#KochiPrefecturalMakinoBotanicalGarden is commemorating a famous botanist, Tomitaro Makino(1862 - 1957) . It opened in 1958, the first year after Dr. Makino's death.
Here is the statue of Dr. Makino.



Dr. Makino's background is very unique. He has dropped out of elementary school in two years. Learned by self study, he studied under a professor at the university. And, in the twenties, he published a Botanical book at its own expense.He had named 2,500 plants of plants, and he said that he have found over 600 species on his own.




#KochiPrefecturalMakinoBotanicalGarden is vast and can be enjoyed over time. There are two buildings of the main building and the memorial hall, and there are exhibits that Dr. Makino's research and botany can learn. Besides that there is a #greenhouse in the premises.



Here is the #greenhouse. When I visited there were so many kinds of orchids in bloom.





私は、このバスに乗って植物園まで行きました。JR高知駅前から運行しています。My 遊バスという、1日1000円、2日1600円の降り放題の乗車券を買うと便利です。

I took a bus and went to the botanical garden. It operates from JR Kochi Station front. It is convenient to buy an all-you-can-get ticket "My you bus"of 1000 yen a day, 1600 yen 2 days.
It takes about 20 minutes to drive from #Kochi station to the Garden, 40 minutes from #Kochi Airport.



This is the bus stop in Kochi Station direction.




I think that there was also a hard work, but it is a wonderful life to succeed by driving into one thing. It was a perfect place to stroll while thinking about various things.



Opening hours 9:00am~5:00pm
Admission 720yen per person

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Nice! I'll be sure to add that to my list of places to visit!


Thank you for your comment. From now on it will be the season of cherry blossoms, I think that you can enjoy the unique natural beauty of Japan even in summer or autumn.

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