My Vietnam - Hoi An

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I thought I would share some of my favorite parts of my country Vietnam, this time the city of Hoi An
Hoi An2.jpg

Hoi An seems to get really mixed reviews. Some people tell me they find it too touristy and others tell me they love it. I feel like I fall into the second group and really loved my time spent there.

To get to Hoi An most people would fly into Da Nang and then travel to Hoi An by car, taxi or bus.

Hoi An is home to an ancient city which does feel a bit touristy but has this wonderful feeling on fun and relaxation. Just outside of the ancient city are really nice white sand beaches.

Hoi An1.jpg
The view from my room at the Muong Thanh

Best way to get around the city is to either rent a bicycle or a motorbike. As the roads aren't so busy there it is quite safe, so get on a bike and enjoy the freedom and fresh air. You'll notice how everyone is happy in Hoi An with so many people smiling as they go about their day

Hoi An3.jpg
The ancient city at night is a really cool place to hang around, walk through the streets and get a bite to eat

Hoi An5.jpg
Me pretending to be a model! Haha

Hoi An6.jpg
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good advice thanks

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Thank you so much for reading and for your advice :)

You could easily be a model. No need for "pretending" at all.

Thank you! I am looking forward more pic from Vietnam.


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Thanks so much I will read it!

I love Hoi An !
So Beautiful and I wish I had stayed there longer instead of Danang ^^

Vietnam looks amazing, I really want to visit it when I am back in Asia so I'm definitely going to do some research on the country / culture, try to learn some of the language and so on before hand! ^_^ . Thanks a lot for sharing these with us all! It's always great to see pictures of other people's home country! :D

the view from your room is so nice! feels like you live in the resort hotel💕


yeah that is a hotel I visited

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great..I love vietnam...