Real Trance with Riyaz and Schamangerbert (Original - Experimental - Video)

in trance •  last year

Good morning Steemians!

We drive the Steem with Indian beats and a mouth harp up to the sky! No limits! Tell me what you think and what you want to hear next in the comments below.

Guten Morgen Steemians!

Mit indischen Rhythmen und der Maultrommel jagen wir den Steem in den Himmel! Es gibt keine Grenzen! Schreib mit in den Kommentaren was Du denkst und was Du als nächstes hören willst.


Original Music Video (4 minutes)


Bitte unterstütze @felixxx und @pharesim als witness der deutschen Gemeinschaft mit Deiner Stimme:

Bis nächstes Mal! / See you next time!

Danke für Deine Aufmerksamkeit! / Thank you for your attention!

Original content by @schamangerbert

Schaman GerbertIMG_6013kkk-th112.JPG

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Vielen Dank.
Gruss vom Bodensee.

We enjoyed that!! my husband and I listened to it!
That was coooool!!! Amazing talent!!!
Resteem!! mmm techno/disco for the next blog?
Thanks so much.


how many times did you play sis? haha

this is so cute haha! wait, we only need the dance moves haha!


hahaha maybe 4 times something wrong with my ears lol or pc the volume is up
but couldn't hear much@!#
i love this girl! very unique!
Next time he'll play disco music and you need 2 make a dance video:)


haha i will resteem it !
@purepinay read this haha


You will get what you want in a few days or tomorrow :)

Very nice @schamangerbert seeing you live hehe the instruments make a nice sound out..

you really got the skills that's nicely done again nice video :)

wow excellent work my friend, nice to see you live and man i really enjoy hearing this instrument, honestly i never watch such instrument before with all kinds of amazing sounds, this product is so unique to me, well i like to hear some arabian sound if available, thanks for sharing


Well, Arabian music with drum is coming, you then download it and sing along it and make a video, are you?

Pretty cool music captain. excellent work.
You have more experience about mouth harp. Thank you and keep going.

GMG @schamangerbert

Nice music sir i vote and follow

Strange music but i like it! :)
you could try the 9 symphony beethoven :D would sound great with that instrument!


Do you want to look me stupid? It is a one tone instrument and it is not possible to play 12 tone music with it.

Good morning,lovely music
Nice post,thanks for sharing

simply cool :-)


Kann ich deinen neuen Song als Background nutzen um ein kleines Beispiel mit Maultrommel dazu zu machen? Ich werde es allerdings nur als privates Video auf youtube hochladen können da ich keinen Copyrightstrike riskieren will.

Really good mouth harp music. It's too classical.

Awesome classical music @schamangerbert.

good work i like it so vote and follow

that was really cool!! the sound that was produced is really lively, made me want to dance hahaha!