Experience The Longest Railroad of Levitated Trains In The World

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Have you ever been to Wuppertal? Then you probably have already tried riding the Levitated Trains there.

This one hundred seventeen year old levitated railway is super unique to the sight it would make anyone who loves model trains and trains itself go ga ga or drop their jaws just at the sight of one going through the city rail.

My husband and I have had it on our bucket list for some time now so when he got a few days off, we decided to go pay Wuppertal a visit and finally try one out. I have to admit that I have been gushing in the car at the sight of each train passing by above us while we were on the way to our hotel.

The trains.

They come in different colors and the yellow, orange and red ones are the older types. The new ones look pretty neat and are in my favorite tones. Both the new ones and the old ones have seats only on the left side of the train when you're facing the driver.


The old ones have wooden seats while the new ones have that of the more updated ones you could see on trains and buses here.


The windows and the back seats are different. The older ones have smaller windows which only shows the heads of the passengers when you're looking above while the new ones have glass as the whole back of the train. The last seat of the older versions are like that of a bus fit for three while the new ones have two-sitter facing each other and the last seat on the row of seats to the left is also facing that glass window.


We did notice the part that looks like that of a bending bus. That explains how it could manage to go through the curved rails. Looking at it from above when you're on the road makes it look like it's going to fall off when taking that curve but it just goes on through it gracefully, like a caterpillar does on a stem.


That up there, is it's engine according to my husband. I thought it looked more like a robot's eye. That's what the new ones have, the old ones however, have something else.

Ticket cost.

We bought our ticket from a machine that dispenses it and luckily, it accepts bills cause we didn't happen to have coins with us that day. The whole - one end to another ride costs 10 euro for the both of us. You can use it for the whole day and we're given just one for the both of us. It's quite cheap I think.

It cost us 5 euro something for the two of us to get to the city from our hotel which is an estimate of 3 to 4 stations and somehow it felt like riding a bus from my house to the city center in NL, except for this one's cheaper.


No one inspected our ticket but my husband did punch both sides of it on this "conductor box" to get it validated. I wonder whether there were what we call "black riders" here that day since big brother is watching. I suppose not.

The railroad.


The railway is made up of massive thick metals that would probably kill you if it falls on you during an armageddon. They're massive and though they're more than a hundred years old, they look very very strong.


Most rail pillars are on both sides of a river and that adds up to the wow factor of the ride not to mention the old houses and wow view that will keep you busy looking around.


On the way to Vohwinkel, we noticed that the metals holding the rails looked different and is running through the city road. The pillars are now arched and we could tell that they're new cause the giant screws are gone.


They look welded instead but still massive and thick. They're still screaming they'd last another hundred year or even more.

The ride..


My husband and I tried the whole "end to end" ride on our second day and the best time to do it is around 14:00 to 16:00 because then it won't be jam packed like it is during rush hours.

What amazes me the most is how smooth the ride is. If you've ever taken a cable ride then you know that at some point you'd feel a bump when it hits one of the pillars and hear that sound of metals scratching each other but not on this one. It does rock and make every pic you take either blurry or tilted when it lets passengers get off to any station.

When you reach the end station, we had to get off even though we bought the day ticket. My husband and I thought it's alright to just stay in the train since we're going to the other side anyway but we were politely asked to get off.


The train looked bent when it took it's turn in Oberbarmen. I guess that's what those parts that look like what bending buses have are for. Not all trains take a turn at the end station, some gets parked and another train takes you to your destination from the other side.


My husband and I had to run to take the same old train to Vohwinkel cause it felt like one rides every two minutes. I wasn't really able to watch that cause I was in a hyper mode with my husband, running around like children to make sure we get the back seat all for us cause that's the best spot to take the shot and the videos yeah?

That day, I felt like a butterfly riding a caterpillar. My husband and I were both so exhausted running here and there, getting in and off a station for the sake of playing around. We were like children looking up and down, checking every feature they have and just enjoying the ride.


I was hoping to score a model train with such a railway for a souvenir that day and my husband was apparently hoping he could as well, unfortunately, no store was selling a miniature of the Schwebe Bahn (as they call it there) in Wuppertal yet.

Someday, we'd like to go back and re-live the adrenaline rush we had and hopefully, someone does sell such a souvenir then. For now, enjoy the ride with me.

This content's 100% mine . I took some the pics with my D Eye . I also used my Samsung smartphones to take the other pics and the video.. Right click on the pic to open it on a new tab.

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What a lovely post @englishtchrivy.

Most interesting photographs and reporting mon ami. ^__^

Sounds a splendid idea.....riding it just to see all of its parts and pieces...lets hope someone picks up on your idea.....souvenirs please. hehe

Wishing you a lovely weekend.

A bientot.



thanks mon ami

haha my husband and I love train models
and old trains as well
this one falls on the unique one
and from what I know (I could be wrong) - it's the only one in the world :)

I hope you had a great one as well!

The Lutz Hielscher company in Wuppertal sells HO models of the Schwebebahn, if you're serious about it:


Why serious? A starter kit will set you back well over 500 Euros :-(

If that's a tad too much for you budget, they also sell a paper kit for under 10 EUR. :-)


serious much!

I saw it minutes after you posted it but didn't bother to go back online

My husband and I checked it out and our jaw dropped when we calculated the whole package but you know - it's happiness for sale but for now it's been bookmarked :)


Yes, I noticed you were looking at my stuff within a minute of me commenting on yours. Must have been telepathy ;-) You're welcome and I hope you can extend your layout with a Schwebebahn soon.

It is nice to hear that you liked Wuppertal Suspension Railway, it is built in 1901 and it is quite famous in North Rhine-Westphalia, the county where we coming from, but we live north west in Münster and the same time due to my work we are in Scotland. Thank EU it is possible still to have two motherlands and we do not want to lose this opportunity.

I am glad for you that you really enjoyed suspension railway and for letting other people know such unique functioning railway. Thank you :)


I love travelling in DE but most of the time, I don't really go to cities
I prefer the countryside and the nature but this time, we really went for the Schwebe Bahn

I had a hunch you weren't from Scotland on one of your comments on my post
so you're actually from here, you must have missed it
it's a very clean place btw :)
ever green ^ ^

edit : I don't think any country would be able to match the Schwebe Bahn ever :)
it's a must try when in DE imho

This is something i guess everyone would love to try so interesting it is :D

Wow! This is many times steeper than a regular train. I took a ride with you on Your video. At first, I thought it would be very pull and rattle, but it turned out that it moves quite smoothly. It is very convenient and interesting to see the city on the roof level of the upper floors. From the height of a completely different landscape. Thank you for a nice trip, story and photo. It's a very exciting trip. I have to ride it at least once.:)


you're welcome :)
I hope you make it someday :)

What an amazing transport, it reminds of a ride,
or a giant caterpillar, where you can get inside to visit the city.
In France we do not have this kind of train, to my knowledge.
The sensation must be pleasant to travel in and to be able to all height!


amazing is the word indeed :)

there are elevated railways but this one makes it look like it's floating ^ ^

That is amazing! and scary!


just amazing :)
the ride feels like that of a normal train :)

Great ulog and stunning pics Sir


thanks am a woman though
you should read ;)

lijkt wel een 8 baan


een beetje maar dan rustiger :)

Wow, that looks so interesting! I've never heard of that kind of train before.


I think it's the only one in the world

there's one more levitated form of transpo in Basque but that's a boat or a ferry more of
am not sure anymore, I need to go to Spain and ride it ^ ^

nice to see you around by the way
I hope life's treating you well :D

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I must admit that I had no idea of the stock of these types of trains, judging by the images was a beautiful ride, trains and structures look very well despite having more decien years, thank you very much dear friend @englishtchrivy for including us In this travel
I wish you a beautiful weekend


thank you @jlufer

yes, I wonder why it's not that famous either
but surely it's stunningly unique :)

great post dear


thanks dear

it scares me for some reason. it's all up in the air.
what happens if it's windy outside?


the motor attached to the rails are ultra thick
it was windy all week we were there that when I had my hair laid back
it got all messy :D
but no effect on the train ride :)

Thanks for sharing these i had never heard of it, but wow it is so cool

Wow such an amazing old train really lovely, but scary part is to see train moving on my head while in sit in the car under that part will get me scared tho, even though they used thick iron for the railways since it's been there for decade of years whenever I am passing that route I will always pray within me 🗣️---- for safety... Thx for share your wonderful journey with us @englishtchrivy riding story in your video sound fun... Riding upside down the world with a sound like iron hitting iron hehehe... Sound so nice



thank you

I thought that at first but not really
it looks massively overwhelming when you're standing below it
cause it's really huge - more than what it looks like in the pictures

As for how strong those pillars are I think very very strong
cause it's made in DE :)

yes, the rails do make a sound but not disturbing compared to the bump on the cable ride


You are welcome @englishtchrivy

Good to hear about those strong pillars.. sound safe...

great article. by the way,
in which country is the train located ?.
this is really amazing,
considering the age of the rails it is very old.
at that time my country was still colonized by the Dutch.
thank you for sharing @englishtchrivy
I hope your support

regards @longberry.


edit : reply deleted

piece of advice
make your comment always relevant to the post
and avoid blatantly asking for support

This train is a technical masterpiece! Thanks that you share something with really unique here on steemit :-)

By the way, it’s also one of the safest public transportation means in the world

I a little proud now on the region (NRW) where I am from :-)


a little proud?
I'd be very proud :)
it's the only one in the world right ?
it is very very unique I think so too :)


Hehe 😀
I googled a little bit. Many sites says it’s really the only one. So very unique train, and very unique story to that! Nice job mate 👍

Wooow never saw the train like this before 😨😨😨😱😱😱. Now i want to go there and try it !