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Trial by Comics winners for "Mythology" and new theme announced!

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Hello @kommienezuspadt

I really like drawing comics. And I gladly decided to participate. Of course, I looked at the winners of the previous contest. 90% of the works submitted for the contest are portraits of some heroes, often having no relation to the topic. However, the rules clearly written - draw a comic!
I will say that I was in some confusion, because the comic implies some sort of plot (drawings) and a certain number of frames revealing the essence of the story.
Can I ask you what exactly do you want to see in the works of the participants? Classic comics or a portrait of a character (hero)?

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@mister-omortson, the only real guidelines are illustrations, paintings, or artwork that would be passable in the comic book medium. Sequential art is a theme we've done in the past, but it's a high bar for a lot of our regular contributors to meet. You can do sequential art with stories, or simple pinup art. Whatever you prefer.