The Crypto Collapse is Now Worse Than the Bubble

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The collapse of the cryptocurrencies has now hit the bubble that burst in the early '0s. The huge collapse that the cryptocurrencies have experienced in 2018 is now worse than when the famous bubble burst almost two decades ago.

It writes Bloomberg, after the cryptocurrencies have experienced another fall Wednesday.

Thus, MVIS's CryptoCompare Digital Assets 10 Index, which is comprised of the largest cryptocurrencies, has fallen by 80 percent. since January, while the Nasdaq Composite Index, which counts many IT shares, fell by 78 percent when the air broke out of the IT bubble in the early '0s.

At the same time, the fall has come even more shorter.

While the IT shares lasted more than two years to collapse to the total decline of 78 percent, the cryptic currencies have managed to fall by 80 percent in just under nine months.

Previously, at the end of 2017, the crypto had otherwise been on everyone's lips because the different currencies rose in a completely explosive way unparalleled.

According to Bloomberg, crypto reporters reject the negative comparison with the dot com bubble by pointing out that Nasdaq came back on track 15 years after and that bitcoin has recovered heavily after massive decline.

P.S. I am 100% Bullish!

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@tradewonk, Yes, this is really tough times and for sure reflecting as Crypto Crisis and many are losing hope.

And with that we are watching many negative aspects, specially related to the Scams, which is not good at all.

But for sure Crypto and "Blockchain Technology is future and it's currently in infant stage that's why we are watching this situation.

So, in my opinion, people who are hear for the Long Run they are staying strong and that is important because great success comes after great fall.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


100% on bullish crypto...

1000% BULLheaded - and carrying on, lol this is but a mere flesh wound.

There is a whole lot more going on behind the scenes that justify "certain cryptos" values. so I place my bets on cryptos that have valid uses with great current general world market share with the coming decentralised blockchain twist, which would only mean good news for those chosen uses. (My chosen well researched useful coins/blockchains)

This too shall pass, in the meantime I buy up cheap good use coins for nada. lol


Awesome! i own quite a few of these coins and tokens. Since you're into crypto assets, you might want to check out's zero-fees trading on their exchange till 1st October. It's not so cool when you're trying to make some gains on trading and you're constantly getting ripped-off with outrageous commission fees.'s commission fees will be way less than what you see right out there, and for now, you can trade and make withdrawals for free till it's 1st october.

They also have a $50 million Backed liquidity pool for funds safety.

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Thank you, will check it out

What's interesting is that electricity has yet to reach the entire planet, the internet is still emerging, and blockchain technology is really just starting. To have the ability to transfer wealth across the world with no regulatory body to interfere, as well as little no to processing fees/currency conversion fees, will change the world forever. This is a long term investment, I wouldn't let anything that happens in the next 2 years scare me away from crypto, we'll see where this progresses by 2020.


The best comment I've seen on Steemit in months. Pls, stay here. Your upvotes will go up. We need people with such a big perspective on things.


Thank you, I appreciate that. Still trying to figure out how the site works, but it is certainly interesting and worth exploring.


Should we anticipate the rebound to be bigger !? :)

In that case, get on it Crypto Lovers !

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Yes of course 😎

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Bullish? After saying this is the worst decline?


yes. the technology itself already proof useful to all the sector. just have to wait real investor to pump in lots of fund on crypto.


Yes according to Bloomberg. I am bullish because i believe in the blockchain. It’s only the beginning of this technology.

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I am bullish too, I hope in the coming two or three month, things will recover again.


Same here!

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i dont think cryptocurrencies are bubble although not now because it is a new technology that the most people are unfamilier with.we are seeing such crashes because of market manipulation and it has a lot more space to grow.

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I m bollish to,Market going down and down,very bad news,hopefully market going up soon as soon,

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every time I buy crypto the price goes much lower....I'm done with crypto


Patience is key. What comes fast, won’t last.

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Sometimes the solution to lower prices is lower prices. That is a famous thought when it comes to commodities, it certainly seems like that can be applied in the current market for crypto.


i think this is what big whale looking for.

when the market bubble burst, it will deflate, then it reset again... everything back to square.

I still think it’s like comparing apples and organges .they are not the same. This is a normal retracement after parabolic growth. Sure it’s a very deep retracement but this is how all markets work. I also believe many of the worthless projects will fail during this time which is also healthy and natural. All I know is that the general trend is upwards -this still has not been broken


how planting apple and orange tree are similar. but how both different product transcend to the next level depends on what innovation take place, how they expand their usage.


True , I do think blockchain tech has some real use case and will revolutionize the world.

crypto are not bubble, blockchain will be our future technology!

I feel this is getting blown out of proportion. Yes it's a bad market right now, but we saw such huge growth in such a small amount of time. The market is simply adjusting itself before growing again. No ecosystem can increase 10, 20x in a year without corrections, especially in a global system.


but it's horrible for new investors that came in with the big wave at the end of last year and got crushed like me...people that need a huge rally just to break even. I've invested in stocks (risky stocks) for over 20yrs and never experienced anything like this. I thought I was buying cheap after some of the dips, then it would go down again, and again, and again, this repeated...average down doesn't help when it keep dropping after you buy and you have less money to work with

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I dont know much about the dot com but Im sure crypto needs to have alot more adoption before real crashes will be known. Last time I checked were at 1% adoption which sure is alot of money and people but not to many when compared to stocks and real estate. So crypto might have big ass crashes but not now. These crashes are technology and economic improvements which are needed to move forward to adoption.

I am a top bull as well. The market is cyclical but its low ceiling is replacing the gold market as a safe haven. Crypto will be worth at least that much even if its considered a failure.