Ripple whales move billions of XRP at a dime fee

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Ripple describes the use of their native cryptocurrency XRP as very cheap and above all time-efficient, since the digital currency often arrived within seconds at the receiver. The day before yesterday, two major transactions valued at over $ 740 million caused a stir in the ripple community.

Ripple fans were amazed one day ago when the XRP charts recorded two transaction that were unusually large in volume. The first transfer moved to 2.1 billion XRP, which corresponds to a current value of just under 632 million euros.

Skærmbillede 2018-08-31 kl. 11.56.00.png

The second transaction was even bigger, sending $ 4.6 billion to XRP, which is approximately $ 1.36 billion.

Skærmbillede 2018-08-31 kl. 11.56.47.png

This large amount of transferred XRP represents approximately 6.7 percent of the total circulating XRP on the market. The transactions moved huge digital assets, each paying less than 1 cent transaction fee.

For the time being it is unclear for the time being who ordered these transactions and who the recipients are. It is hot speculated whether any founders, large Exchanges or something from the escrow account was deducted.

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@tradewonk, In my opinion when Ripple entered into the market it came with lot of potential and project also sounded great.

But after that we saw the downtrend to some extent, may be there would many reasons because we know how dynamic is Crypto market.

But, these two Transactions are really huge and in my opinion these reflecting that may be big updates are going on.

And no matter which coin, we have to see the growth because, Crypto Sphere is in Infant Stage and if see growth of particular project it will going to give boost to Crypto Sphere.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

WOW, such a big transaction, HUGE.

We talking about over a billion dollars !!!

Imagine that guy or group what money they have if they do transactions like this. Bill Gates is just a kid compare to them.


Bill Gates has way more money though, and if you tried to selll $4 bill of XRP on the market it'll drop price to $0 lol


its sure gonna be some big big whales out there is making their move.

at the time of this transaction the price has risen by 30% after it has become as before.
there's always a winner and a loser in these crypto money

Regardless of what you think about Ripple, transferring that amount for such a low cost is impressive. I am a XRP holder so of course I am biased LOL.

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your information is very good. thankyou dear


Why do you refer to the author as "dear"? That's very awkward

Your information help me, my personal life.


How does it help you? This comment is very awkward

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The wallet is in all 4 cases a ripple wallet or is that impossible to conclude?

What are they doing, sending so much XRP? Could this be the founders of Ripple or the company moving funds?

@tradewonk A month ago, I bought a $ 200 and got $ 450, which is a good deal and I would pay a $ 10,000 deal in the APL that the market is talking about right now

+589 Dollar EOY XRP