'Ninja Signals' Trading Script - The HOT NEW Thing? Thanks to all who've tried our script!

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Hi Steem friends,

I want to say thanks for the overwhelming response of users wanting to try our script.

We have many happy traders using our script already, and nearly 100 users on the free trial. Cheers to you guys!


For those who aren't aware, our community, Bitcoin Ninjas has released our very own custom trading script only few weeks ago.

'Ninja Signals'

will notify you, via popup, SMS or email when a 'good time' is to BUY or SELL.

You may trade manually or automate your trading based on these signals. All time intervals work effectively.

View it on Our Shop

Script V1.0 on TradingView
Backtesting Script V1.0 on TradingView

Script V2.0 on TradingView
Backtesting Script V2.0 on TradingView

Our custom script can be added as an indicator on any TradingView.com chart.

Most bots can also act on these signals. We recommend Gunbot as we believe it to be the best overall automated trading bot. We sell it on our website, and a discount is available if you buy both Gunbot and the Script.

We have seen a tremendous response from TradingView users and we are very grateful for all the success stories and valuable feedback. We are hard at work for documentation which will be available for members who decide to purchase the script. We are working hard every day to improve the already extremely effective script. Your feedback is valuable!

Manual traders, Forex and AutoTraders (people who use Bots) are all reporting very good luck trading on 1m-30m charts with a calibration level of 25-3000. We personally use Gunbot and are exploring a multitude of different trading strategies which mesh perfectly with our script, all of our findings will be released in the documentation.

We are offering a 7 day free trial,

And have extending it for all current users due to the fact that we just released a new version. We'd like to give people ample time to try our script before purchasing, we know users will be pleased with it.

For me, the script has generated 100+ positive trades within the past few days, and without a single bad trade. I'm not guaranteeing results at all, or giving financial advice... :) but our script definitely takes the emotion and work out of trading.

It utilizes a synthesis of an array of many different indicators and oscillators as well as other Pine script variables to generate its signals. You won't find any other scripts like ours on TradingView, and that's why we created it. We wanted to create the best script out there, something that works for everybody.

Here's my STEEM trade log from today:

As you can see, I'm having good luck with a GAIN of 0.4% - 3% per trade. I am playing both the 1 minute and 3 minute time periods with a script calibration level of 23 and 25 respectively. The great thing about the Bitcoin Ninjas community is that all of us are very willing to share our findings and help new users get started. Please log onto our normal BTCNinjas telegram chat or our Ninja Signals telegram group if you would like to chat about our script, learn how to automate your trades or if you need help getting started!

Here's an image from another user who is using our script to buy and an automated trading bot called ProfitTrailer to sell:

We will always be updating, improving and adding new features to our script over time and anyone who buys an unlimited license is able to use the script forever, along with technical support, updates for life and the ability to use any version of the script that they prefer.

Our price is subject to change at any time.

To gain access to the 7 day trial, please do these three things:

  1. 'Like' and 'Favorite' both the script and strategy (see links above)
  2. 'Follow' our TradingView account: here
  3. Sign up for our free community website, www.BitcoinNinjas.org

After you have done those three things, either drop a message on telegram or TradingView, or shoot an email to ninjasignals@bitcoinninjas.org. Access will be granted ASAP.

Thanks for checking us out, and keep an eye open for more projects coming from us in the near future.

We will change the world! This project is merely the beginning!

As always, wishing you MASSIVE PROFITS! (while you sleep) :)



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