How to trade erc-1155 assets

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In one of my latest articles I explained what is an erc-1155 token and the main features they have, but what if you want to buy some? Or else if you already have a few and want to sell them? Letting you know how to trade this kind of assets is the main purpose of this article. Keep reading below!

When all this tokens where firstly created, there were not any marketplace designed specifically for these, so a lot of Telegram communities starting to show up and help users to trade their assets, here I'll list some of this trading rooms for this purpose, just be aware of any scam attempt against you and read the rules of each chat (for EL assets) (for Forgotten Artifacts assets) (for SM assets)

Enjin marketplace:

Then, thanks to the pressure of the community and the great work of Enjin team, what was just a matter of time came to happen, they delivered they own marketplace for crypto-collectibles: the Enjin Marketplace which is incredibly user friendly and easy to navigate, you can access it interface through or even through your Enjin Wallet. It can't be easier to buy something here, all you need to do is select the item you wish to obtain and scan the QR code that shows up in the screen with your Enjin Wallet, then just type your password to approve the transaction and the item will be automatically transferred to your wallet, supposing you have enough to buy it. In order to sell an item you own open your Enjin Wallet and select the desired asset, click on sell and follow through the instructions, you will be asked the amount of items, price and gas fee, then approve the listing and your asset will be ready to be bought. You can use this market as a way of secure peer to peer trade if you make a deal with someone or in a TG channel but you don't want to take chances, just list the asset with the accorded price and send the link to the other part.


Some of you might be aware of OpenSea, the biggest crypto-collectibles marketplace running since 2017. Here, erc-721 assets were the main focus of attention but since the surge and rise of erc-1155 collectibles, it was as well a matter of time that a support for this kind of tokens was implemented and today is a possibility to trade your assets here. Buying an item here is quite similar to how you will do it in enjinx, click the asset you want to acquire and press buy, or you can make an offer and every owner of that specific asset can accept it. To sell an item first go to your account page at OpenSea to check the assets you own, then click sell and specify the quantity and price you want. You could also specify an end date, the price will decline to the amount you want untill the end date is reached, and your listing will be automatically cancelled for free.

Well, this is all, I hope you find this useful and if you have something to add please do so in the comments section, thank you.