Is BTC grinding lower and lower driving you crazy?

in trading •  11 months ago

When will the pain end??? Just kidding, if your a QFL trader, than these are actually great times to create loads of free coins before we end up in another bull market... I really felt that Bitcoin had run too far too fast and what hoping for some correction to get some free coins back.. But now all we are getting is grind, and that's not fun for anyone...

So here's a quick video checkup on your mindset. Don't be impatient and take size early when there is no real panic drop. You need those big swings to qualify a real trading opportunity. I havnt even been trading bitcoin for two weeks, because Im not seeing any panic.

I can never find the time to make half hour to one hour videos, but I think I can swing a few 10 to 15 min videos here and there.. Would you like short videos (more often) or longer more thorough videos (less often)?


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i'm learning a lot from your vids.. keep them coming pls. i'm queued at 400+ in your slack channel as well. goes to show the interest in your trading style. kudos!

Hey Luc, another great video, please keep it up. Its inspiring to a lot of us and it stops us from straying where we shouldnt go. Short videos are fine with me!

Thanks for all your fascinating videos, Luc. Even a short clip is great, as there is sure to be lots of educational value there. Please keep them coming when you have the chance. As a newcomer, who came to crypto via your YouTube videos, I'd love five minutes from you on your top tips for security, as it's such a jungle and you have the gift of cutting to the core of things. Keep up the good work!

Please do more frequent short videos, I love hearing from you. So much has happened since I started - and it ALL started with watching your videos. I was in a desperate place then, and you convinced me to go into crypto. Before that crypto = huge risk and volatility but you convinced me that it could be traded and that changed my life. Ever since, I've tried all strategies. HODLing, breakouts, other forms of TA, doing wrong QFL stuff (buying too early in the drop/buying the grinds like what you're talking about here). I always come back to your strategy, it's the only safe strategy out there.

One of best explanatory videos of your trades. Makes everything crystal clear. I've love to see you do the same for account building trades. Just one of your past trades from coin that isn't interesting for you anymore and a walkthrough of how you did it and why. Thank you and keep them coming!

Short videos, more often for sure. It's super helpful when you can provide your commentary on current market conditions. Thank you!

Great to see a video from you back Great Luc.. Yes few often short videos are so great than waiting for a big one :-)

more often would be nice, they don't need to be too long, even 5-10 mins updates are great, too many 1 hr videos around , when you follow many people you can't spend all that time for each. I like your stuff keep it going!

I would love more frequent short videos. You are always a positive influence on me and I love hearing your take on the present market. Now I know what to do while I'm waiting for the PANIC. Thanks again Luc.

Keep them coming Luc! Learning a bunch and trying to build different accounts.

What tool do you use on the exchanges like Kucoin, since Coinigy doesn't support it?


Theres a paid scanner that some of us use, called cryptobasescanner.. It just added the Fat Finger scanner last week, and I have to admit I'm really liking that new feature... It is a monthly subscription tho, and there are other scanners you can use that are free like cryptomarketscanner... But if you decide to try cryptobasescanner you can use my link and it cheapens my subscription by $10

Really appreciate the videos! Watched every single video and I really learned the essence of trading!

Short and to the point while reminding us of how we all should be trading. Thanks Luc, you're providing the only trading videos I trust!


Great video! More frequent short videos are best. Account building video in this market would be a great help.

Thanks luc for providing your insight on current market conditions... I've been feeling bored lately too...

Hello man, I just wanted to thank you for your videos, these are very helpful.


Thanks Luc! i prefer short videos more often

Keep up what you are doing Luc! We are learning a lot from you. I would love to see you upload more frequent short videos like 10min video but frequent, we know you always dropping some jewels on every video you upload. I appreciate that!

Thank you very much for sharing.

More shorter info, especially on how to search for iliquid coins and what to look for

I prefer short videos, because you explained your method already in detail in your other videos :)

yeah, more frequent short videos is the key!
and maybe some special one once a month?

Thank you for sharing, and keeping doing it.

Great video! I like the idea of more frequent yet shorter videos in times like now when there is reason for it. As your video did a good job of addressing what many in the slack community were having issues with in recent times.