I'm a little discouraged today.. Still let's take a look at the market..

in trading •  last year

Hey guys,

Im usually a pretty happy guy in my videos, but today has been a rough one for me, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I missed a bunch of good trades, and although its totally my fault, I have to break the cycle.. So, I thought I would just make a quick video to let you know where my head is at, and maybe also take a quick look at the market..

Thanks for watching and here are links to Discord and QFL Forum:



Thanks again for all your continued support, we do have a great community. (even though I can't always keep up with all of it)


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yo luc ive lost slack info can u send it to me? totally forgot name of the slack

Great video Luc. I am on the Discord channel, username Dunamis, and I want to encourage you that it is an overall very positive environment with people genuinely seeking to help newer traders with your method. I mostly observe and learn, but many knowledgeable people are working to fill the void when you are not available. I greatly appreciate your comments the past few days. They always seem to re-calibrate me. Many newer traders make it more complicated than needed.

I sometimes too get overwhelmed with all of the information and discussions, and just focus on trading for a couple days to find that balance.

There was definitely an uptick in your voice when you transitioned to discussing charts and your passion for it is contagious.

Thanks for all you do, and you should not feel bad about missing questions here and there, imagine if you had a million followers!


Oh my, a million followers would be a nightmare.. But yeah, I love trading, and its obvious.. I need to learn to set limits on how much a can participate in our community..

You need to treat your self employment like your business, period. If lunch is from 12 to 1, then 'schedule' discord time as you see fit. Like a meeting time. Not all day, and especially not in the mornings when the market is hot.

Let the videos work for themselves. Let the forum work for itself. Let the discord work for itself. DO NOT think that you have to keep up with the community. DO NOT think you owe us a visit. We will grow, we will learn from you, from each other, and ourselves.

You have planted the seed. The garden has grown. We will be fine.

Take care and much thanks.


I appreciate that.. I would love to just chit chat here and there with the community, just like anyone.. But I really do have to give my trading priority.. Im going to be much more focused tomorrow


Yes, there is a saying, an aphorism, that guides and helps me stay physically, mentally and emotionally balanced:

“Go by the clock, not by the mood.”

Not always easy to do, but with time and practice becomes easier.


I totally agree with you, mnben. This community became too big for Luc to answer questions and keep up with all comments. I think Luc shouldn't worry when others answer incorrectly. He is not responsible for other people's interactions. This would make him crazy. Maybe he or we should appoint a list of QFL veterans who already mastered Luc's method and can donate a little of their time to answer questions. I think Luc should organize his time and forget the community when it is not in his schedule. The thing is that the community became useful because many of our people are constantly watching the market and feeding fresh information all over the place. All channels available are getting more and more useful now.
Thank you, Luc. Don't worry, everything you taught us so far is enough. It is just a question of dedication in watching and studying your videos, posts, comments and all tools widely discussed in the community. Take care of yourself first!

Not sure if you read the comments, just wanted to say hello.

I saw some of your posts a while ago before joining Steemit and was impressed with your trading style, very ballsy. I was skeptical at first, but looks like a sound method. It's the same method used by institutional traders to wipe out the amateurs.

I trade price action pretty much the same way, only without the balls :-)

Hello Luc, I was new to trading and confused by watching charts. You proved to me Guru after someone from your community mentioned about you in the telegram chat two months ago.
Thanks a Lot to you, will ever be grateful to you!!!

I have a few Queries, if you could answer...

  1. While in the small account building moderately volatile coin market, which candlestick time should one use, 15 min, 30 min or 1h?

  2. How long should one remain in the single trade normally in your experience in the small account building trades?

  3. What ever you want to say more on these type of trades.

A video on This Topic would be very helpful to many, I think.


I always start with 1hour charts, because I want to see 1 to 2 months of data on a chart.. if that looks good, then I will consider looking closer, like 15 mins sometimes on those small account building trades.. But its not necessary, 1 hour charts are fine too.. and then the chart should tell you how long to expect to stay in the trade.. some of them only last minutes and others might last a few days.. just pick the best charts you can find.. and often you can milk one chart for a month or more, profiting every day or every other day on some of those real good ones.. You can easily make a living off just the small account building trades alone..


Thank you Very Much for your reply.

You are only discouraged because you cant help more people. That is a sign of a great man! Dont be sir! What you are doing is amazing!

I truly Thank you Luc! I been watching your videos over and over to make sure I really learn how to apply your method before I start making bigger trades. So far i have made a few mistakes, not bad because I am investing in coins that I want to keep long term. But I want to grow my accounts faster.

This market is very exciting to be part off but so hard and crazy. I got in not knowing much and my portfolio is down. I wished I would have found you back in December. I would have been doing much better. I do think I will get better and make my money back and then some.

If anyone in the community can help me with the following question:

If finding bases to see where they crack so you can then position trade is the key, what do you do when a coin keeps going up like Bitcoin did for two weeks straight from February 26th - March 5th from $9300 - 11,800?

There were not big cracks of bases that would really give you a signal to go heavy. Do you just not trade at all for 2 weeks and wait for a down turn?

How can you trade on the way up? Putting stop losses with every dip?

Thank you Luc! Both my wife and I love your enthusiasm! " Beautiful charts"

I have some reviews on my page with some services that crypto traders will like. Projects like Xtrade, Cryptalgo, and BCT. These will be some things if you don't already know about them would be beneficial to your community (which I am apart of). Thanks for all of the free info that you offer man I really appreciate it.

Yeah markets are kinda boring right now, despite a lot of good projects seeing progress and some decent news for the crypto space and some specific coins there's just not a lot of hype right now.

I suppose it should be expected, it's not natural or realistic for markets to be up 10% or 30% each day for weeks on end, I suppose a pullback was due.

Right now I'm kind of taking a step back, continuing to Dollar cost average and just trying not to focus on crypto too much right now

Keep this up, Followed you for more :)

Hi Luc,

Could you suggest have I drawn my bases correctly and is the time frame correctly taken ?

Thanks ! !

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 8.13.50 PM.png

Hi @quickfingersluc, thanks so much for all the great know-how you're sharing with us. I could never thank you enough for what you made for me and our growing community.

I watched all your videos many times but there's one point still no clear to me. How to understand when a bounce is actually a bounce or it's a way up to the base. I found myself stuck in many trades because I couldn't recognise the bounce, I was just waiting to go back to the base and then the chart falls down again and bla bla bla.

That's the most difficult point to me. Would you be so kind to explain in details how to recognise a bounce (like volume, buying orders, etc etc)?
Maybe with a video it would be awesome.

Anyway, thanks again and sorry for my english, hope you understood the meaning of my doubt.


This is one of the most common problems traders have.. Because everyone wants as much profit as possible.. But the market will always surprise you.. You take your profits early and it keeps going up and your left thinking "wow I could have done so much better on that trade".. Then the next time you hold on a little longer and the whole thing turns on you and you didnt participate in the bounce and a great trade turns negative.. How to participate in every bounce? I've answered this question so many times, oh my.. Basically you set up a sell order right after you get a position, incase of a sudden spike, thats like free money, because you really didnt invest any time holding the position.. But if the spike doesnt happen then you get to layer, and the lower and lower a panic goes the more safe the position is, so you can feel more and more confortable to take bigger and bigger sizes.. Keeping in the back of your mind what your true average price is (break even) then when you get a bounce happening, you can start to layer sells as soon as you are in profit (past your break even) .. Focus on participating in the bounce, not on trying to sell at the top.. Just sell a little here and there as it bounces.. if it bounces fast then sell more quickly.. but if its a slow crawl up then sell only a little here and there and expect it might really bounce high... This is because a slower move higher signifies the panic is likely over and there will be some bidders forming support with time.. So yeah, I guess there is a bit of an art to participating in every bounce, but theres some pointers for you...


Fuck me 🤦🏻‍♂️, it just happened again - right now. I though it was a bounce and then a huge spike happened.
I think I'm bad recognising it. https://www.coinigy.com/s/i/5aa592675719c/

Please, let me know if you can help clarify.


Thats why I always put a sell order in after I get a position.. Those spikes can just come out of nowhere sometimes.. its like free profit, because your able to get right back in usually in a candle or two.. But if you didnt have your order ready ahead of time, then youll likely miss the spike and the panic will continue like nothing happened.. But your trade looks very good, there is no way to anticipate the top of a spike like that, so as long as you sold in profit, you did fine.. and you can continue to work the chart..

Once again great video Luc. Just have a quick question. Once andreaskrieger was talking about your deleted videos. Is it possible for you to post it again or any link to follow, will be really helpful! You are a true legend in this space. look forward to your reply.


My deleted videos had alot of PennyTrading content which is more harmful than helpful to our community, because the Penny Market is fast moving and dangerous.. I find most have enough of a hard time with the easy crypto trades where taking, no need to encourage new traders to go jump in the shark water.. So no, Im not planning to upload anymore of those old trading videos, Im gonna keep my vlog focused on Crypto..

Yours is the clearest explanation and method of trading. Thank you kind sir for all you do!

Love your videos and as a member of your community, I salute you QFL!