How am I banking FREE coins while the crypto market is slow?

in trading •  3 months ago

So you all know I like to collect free coins.. But lately the market participation is very low, and most alt coins seem dead in the water... Let me share with you a trick I have been using to get some coins at rock bottom prices..

Please don't give up on this market, all markets move in cycles. This will all turn around soon, and the coins that you collect now will be worth a small fortune in the future...

Thanks for watching, and hopefully you give me an Upvote,


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i also use that method ;) btw ive released a crypto ebook that may suprise you, read on what is NOT there before deciding if its worth a read or not
can u mention it on your slack? i somehow cant find the link for it


Yeah, sure I will mention it in our slack and discord.. Thanks for the upvote

thanks for the video. Why do you think volume has been so low? Do you think it is because BitCoin fell so far from its all time high?

Thank you !!!

Thanks for the tips pal. I did find it interesting to try out soon. I haven't had much luck since i started buying dips. lol.

Anyways, Awesome! i own quite a few altcoins and tokens. Since you're into crypto assets, you might want to check out's zero-fees trading promo. It's not so cool when you're trying to make some gains on trading and you're constantly getting ripped-off with outrageous commission fees.'s commission fees will be way less than what you see right out there, and for now, you can trade and make withdrawals for free till it's 1st October.

They also have a $50 million Backed liquidity pool for funds safety.

Check out the official announcement on medium, and my post about it here

Thanks for the video. That's a really interesting approach. However, it seems hard to know how to start doing this. What exchanges to use? How do you measure where exactly to put your orders and why? I would be interested to hear your thoughts on that.

O man the adrenaline rush and euphoria when I saw the new video notification. Always nice to see you my friend. Rushed here up vote like always. I won't give up, and I'm thank full for market cycles. Thank you Luc. We Love you!

Thanks for the new video!

Saw your video on YouTube and came over here to steemit to follow you. Thank you for all that you do! Upvoted!
@bitsy :)

Estimates on Bitcoin's mining break even price.
Here you go Luc>

Recently Bad Crypto podcast puts 80% of miners from four companies all based in China.

I googled: bitcoin price miners break even
From the front page of results we have these estimates. (Even though everyone agrees there are too many variables to really nail down the break even price.)

$8600 Morgan Stanley
$8000 Fundstrat Global Advisors
$6400 CoinShares
$6000 Bloomberg (small miners getting squeezed)

Luc, let me know if you need anything else.

@quickfingersluc have read your blog entirely, twice. Up voted every post, and comment you have. 99.99% sure that I didn't miss a single thing. Who is with me? Let's show our support and gratitude. Shall we?

Luc, Thank you so much for your videos. I learned so much with them. Waiting for the next one!!! :)