Crypto Chart 10/2021 Review II BTC-USD

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I hope you are doing well on this beautiful. The price of the token presented below on the daily chart is reviewed in a brief report. It is important to never invest more than you can afford to lose. The opinions given in this article are only for educational purposes. Please I strongly stress the point of conducting your full detailed research on the crypto you are targetting before any actions in this volatile market.




The price on the daily chart describes the evolution of Bitcoin tokens against USD one candle at a time on the exchange. The prices of BTC are moving up after one large green candle was recorded at the beginning of October. Its current value is located as I am writing this article around 66291 USD. The green line represents the resistance line where the prices were tested months ago. The fact that BTC price crossed this resistance line showed a positive perspective. It appears that BTC tokens are steadily gaining value since the end of September 2021. The moving average has crossed and moved apart since their connection. As a result of this evolution of the moving average, it is prudent to avoid announcing any long-term predictions on the trend in the BTC value. Whether or not there will be a bull run to 100k before January, the market seems to support the uptrend of prices. I expect that the market will keep the buying orders and maintain the raise in value. Otherwise, hold your bag of BTC as the prices may suddenly dive.

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