Ethereum in trouble?

in trading •  2 months ago

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Is Ethereum will stand back up or it's time for another blockchain to replace it.

Ethereum lost about 57% of its value against bitcoin and used since July, basically just following bitcoin and every other coin in the deep bear market.

But looking inside Ethereum Eco-system, how is the RC20 tokens perform?

Quite well actually, just for sorting two of them, you'll see a big rally up for most of them. It means that even if Ethereum is going down, they are mostly keeping their original value. So if Ethereum get back up eventually, maybe in a month or two, chances are those RC20 token will fall back down against ETH.

If you believe Ethereum platform will keep their spot in the game for another year, it might be a good opportunity to get rid of some RC20 to accumulate more ETH. But as you'll see the rally is still going up.

OMG-ETH From August to September 10th + 50%

Screen Shot 20180910 at 9.16.28 AM.png

ZRX-ETH from June to September 10th + 110%

Screen Shot 20180910 at 9.14.29 AM.png

What do you thing?


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