ZClassic (ZCL) market enabled on Bittrex, ZENCash allocated!

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For those of you holding ZClassic on Bittrex, it may be worth checking your account. You should see a disabled ZENCash 'wallet', with an amount allocated to you. The ZEN amount will be equal (1:1) to the amount of ZClassic you had at the hardfork (Block 110,000). I checked my account and I've been credited the right amount.

I suspect the ZENCash market will open on Bittrex when the ZENCash launches (on Tuesday 23 May). However I guess there is nothing to stop Bittrex allowing users to trade their IOUs before then.

ZClassic dip

With regards to ZClassic. I had an alert on Coinigy, that let me know when the ZCL market was back live on Bittrex. As I suspect there will be plenty of volatility while ZCL finds it's trading range. After an initial dip the price has rallied to around $5. I was fortunate enough to sell all my ZClassic (I didn't have much) at just under $6. I suspect the price might dip further as those that only bought ZClassic for ZENCash look to cashout... However do not take this as trading advice... particularly in the crazy bull market we're in!

Exchange risk

It's always a risk holding cypto on exchanges for the purposes for chain splits or share drops. I prefer to hold my own private keys. However there are only so many coins you can personally hold. The idea of setting up a ZClassic wallet and a ZENCash wallet locally doesn't appeal to me at the moment. Also Bittrex has always proved pretty reliable in these matters.

Anyway, so far so good.

Let's see what happens when ZENCash launches on the 23rd. I'm content with my ZClassic profits and it looks like I have some ZENCash to free-roll with!

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Great post! Thanks for promoting ZEN

awesome update!

Thanks, I just checked and I also got my ZEN! Just a small amount because I haven't really been convinced yet that either of these coins are going to change the world, lol... but I think I'll keep holding both of them for awhile just for fun.

This is great news! What do you think happens with ZCL in the future?

Thanks for reminding. I really should check it out :D

Thanks for that :)

I am holding about 60 ZCL right now. The Price is at 3,33$... What do you guys think? Sell, Hold, or sell half of it?

Thanks for the heads up, my friend!

I bought some Zclassic a while ago but sold it few a small profit.

All the best, buddy. :)

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