BTC/USD has never been in a bear market since October - November 2015 according to IchimokusteemCreated with Sketch.

in trading •  2 years ago

According to the Ichimoku 1 day chart we began our current bull trend in October 2015, At this point all ichimoku indicators for 1 day where in bear territory.

We exited the last bear trend around the middle of October 2015, All indicators for bear trend crossed over into the bull market at this point.

Here you can see our change from a bear market to a bull market through the October to the November of 2015.

We have never crossed back fully into bear territory since this date. Some of the indicators have strayed across at times but we havent had a full on cross over into a bear market. Even our recent massive drop over the last weekend never pushed us back across into a bear market.

Link to this chart for current situation.

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