The market doesn't always move like you want it to...

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Today, like every other day, I'm watching the Steem market, with my carefully...or not so carefully placed buy and sell orders in, trying to make a few extra Steem. It usually works out pretty well. I make more Steem trading than I do posting. But that's mainly because I get shit for rewards on most posts.

But see, it's not always so easy to trade. Sometimes you can just put on the Bollinger bands and place your buy and sell orders and just wait for it to bounce back and forth between them. Sometimes it works unbelievably well, and you end up making a ton of Steem and you're giddy beyond belief and can't help but brag to your online friends that you'll likely never meet in person. Which might be a good thing, because it will just be awkward when I'm staring at that one friend's boobs or ass and they catch me.

Kidding. I wouldn't stair. Unless they had pokey nipples. And then, really, is it even really my fault? Yes, yes it is.

As I said though, it's not always so easy. Sometimes it just goes down, without really hitting your sell off points, none of the good ones anyway, and then you just start to get antsy as it keeps going down and you might make a mistake.

Hopefully, you don't put a sale in too low, right before it reverses and then you end up losing more than you wanted to. Of course, unless you make a really boneheaded mistake, and don't buy back in until way too late, you'll only lose a few steem, and you can get that back with a few good trades, or good posts.

The other day when it was going down it seemed to be going down really shittily, other than the few times I seem to have canceled my sales because of sleep or something. Isn't the always the way? Whenever you could have made an awesome sale, you canceled your orders for whatever reason, maybe because you were too afraid to have them in while you were sleeping.

So, I didn't make too much money in the gradual fall the other day. I think like 8 steem or something. Lemme check... I have no idea because I have some sales and buys in right now. It's going up...right after I made some poorly placed sales, assuming it wasn't going to rise back up right away. And of course, if I panic and put in the buy ins too high up, it will promptly go down, past my buys, and I will have cemented in my loss.

But trading is a percentage game. You are going to make bad trades. You might make a lot of them. But you have to learn to get out of bad trades before they become horrible trades and make more money over time than you lose.

The truth is that anyone can learn to trade. It's not actually that hard at all. You just turn on Bollinger bands, put in some sales above the top line before really large trades, and then when those sales make it, you put in some buys at the middle or bottom line, or below it if you're feeling really ballsy. Seriously, look up Bollinger bands. They really are that easy. Over time you can learn to be a pretty competent trader by using built-in tools in every platform and trusting your gut.

But it doesn't always move the way you want it. Sometimes it goes down too slowly, or too quickly. Sometimes it doesn't hit the Bollinger bands. Sometimes it spikes up so fast it hits all of your sales, and you freak out, and buy back in trying not to lose too much, and then it goes right back through where your buy-ins were, and you just lost a ton of money when you could have just put your buy-ins where they were and made a ton.

That's the way things are. The crypto markets can be a bitch. But they give some great hear.

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what your predicition about steem in 2020


I don't do predictions...unless I have a dream about it...but I'm pretty sure it's going to be a hell of a lot more than it is now at some point after now, so it's pretty much a great buy right now.


@geekpowered thank for reply

I hope you can also get back in my recent posts

"The market is unemotional and has no consideration for your positions or feelings.