How to profit from trading without a big personal investment:

in trading •  2 years ago
  1. Get 20$ in Bitcoin (from Steemit, writing a few articles, or your own pocket)

  2. Divide them in 2 sets of 10$

  3. Blow up the first set trading the way you think is right.

  4. Look at a shitload of videos on Youtube about trading, technical analysis, patterns, MA, Fib and how to invest. Follow Steemit users also.

  5. Use the second set of 10$ to trade, now that you have the basics.

  6. Double it in 1 month.

  7. Convince people you know to give you money to trade for them(any $ is good) and you take a percentage of the profits.

  8. Reinvest your profits.

And this is how you get rich in a few years investing just your time and effort. Now is the time to start. Welcome to the crypto world.

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Point 7 is very dangerous, you can end in bankrupt. The most important rule at trading is not to invest more that you can afford to lose.


Taking some extra steps in how you trade and what you do with the money, and also set expectations with the people. And you should be ok. Maybe I need to repeat again no. 4 :D