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RE: The Coinigy Market Scanner will be a game changer

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I made the scanner 2 days ago (still testing and adding the features). But already found some cool trades with it (SIB coin, OK coin) Edit - coins falling now :)


do you work for Coinigy? or did you create your own scanner? either way I would love to beta test it for you

It uses Coinigy data and the tickers directly from exchange (to avoid the delay) But technically this is a standalone app. Ok, but for now it's a very very alpha :)

Nice to have a programmer among us.. please let me know how your project goes.. what I need a scanner to do is: spot a 10% drop in price, within a 5min period.. and it has to be real time, meaning it auto refreshes every second or 5 seconds or so.. would also be nice to have a min volume filter (but thats less important)

I was thinking about doing some thing like this with php/mysql, json data, storing the results, and then spitting out specified coins that match. But it sounds like you've already got this wheel invented. Any idea on what you might charge for this once you have it ready? Thanks for working on this, btw!

Hi, Luc. I have a suggestion. In www. we have almost 1000 coins listed.
Your group of followers here already has above 1000 people. I suggest that you create a post where everybody can post pictures of their chart analysis showing the bases and possible safe buying zones.
You would only check and comment mistakes your students may commit.
If we spread our efforts, we'll be able to cover all coins and kepp finding the best opportunities for trading. It would be a useful post for all of us and everybody could contribute a little if they want so.
What do you think?

It sounds interesting but I doubt even 25% of my followers are regular steemit users.. if you look at the upvotes on each post, i average around 100 votes per post, so the regular followers are only 100 and the other 900 only visit steemit once and a while.. then the question is how many of the 100 are actually trading.. possibly 30-50 .. and then out of those 30-50, how many will dilegently check the charts for us everyday... i dunno.. but with a scanner ill feed everyone every single panic drop, exactly when they happen..

I am now a devoted follower :). Im sure we could hire a developer to create a customized scanner if no one comes through here. I'd be the 1st to add money to the pot!

Oh, yes indeed.. There is a programmer in this thread that was talking about working on it.. he made a first stage scanner and has been testing it out for a few days.. but yeah, if we all ask around, maybe we can find someone to work on this for us.. I would gladly pay aswell

I am also working on a scanner based on the comments you mentioned in your video

Oh please keep me informed.. if you create this scanner for us, (and it works)we will pay..

I'll add to the pot as well.

Maybe @cyberwolf will create freely for everybody here in the group.

that would be great

I am willing to go in. In coinigy though, in the apps tab they do have a scanner that says coming soon. I dont know how long its been there, at least since May.

I'm a super devoted follower too ! I read your posts daily and I upvote all your posts! ...

And I hope I can get some good trades if you spot any too =)

Yes, the numbers are discouraging.
My hope is that: as people start making more money trading using your method, they'll come here more often and would feel like contributing.
This specific post would also be a way for newbies understand and see examples from other followers. They would realize that the method is not complicated to understand and would be encouraged to apply. The scanner would, of course, be such a valuable tool. Thank you for your precise observations.

I do think that this is just the start.. Im really going to try to keep up daily with everyones questions (as the followers grow), and before you know it, well probably have a group of very profitable traders here :)

Sadly or proudly, not sure which one, HA, I've been scanning charts for at least 1.5 to 2 hrs a day. checking/moving alerts as the charts move.. I was trying to trade on a few exchanges but only focusing on one just due to how long it takes to look at all of them.


I am willing to donate to this scanner. I am trading cryptos full time (for now)

I would love to know if there is any progress, and possibly have us testing/using it :)

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