How are our amateur traders doing after a turbulent week?

in traders •  2 years ago

As you probably know, last week was a slightly crazy week on the markets with turbulence from Deutsche Bank problems and rumors of hedge funds pulling out money – then positive news from the bank brought it all back up.

It would have been a roller coaster ride for anybody who was short term trading and anyone running on emotion could have lost a lot of money.

But by the end of the week, nothing much had really changed, so it was basically an uneventful week for our apprentices.

That’s the difference between trading and trading with a system: the system helps you with the patience and discipline to trade safely. Sometimes things aren’t right, so you just have to wait for the right time.

Thankfully Gilbey (the apprentice they featured last week) had been following the system closely and didn’t clock up any losses. He went up to 5.2% from 3.8% the week before.

The other apprentices had similar results. Saffron had a 2.5% increase for a total of 6.4% so far and Jason who got off to a slow start, is now up 1.5% after 2 weeks. A 4th apprentice, David will begin trading next week.

Who knows what this week holds. Will the apprentices all stay focused and disciplined – and continue to make steady gains, or will emotions take over when they sense a big win is achievable.

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