Tradeqwik Rewards TQS Shareholders by Paying out 5X the Expected Dividend

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This update is going to contain a lot of statistics and charts. At Tradeqwik we believe in being completely transparent with our customers, and often that means posting numbers in nice and neat little charts, in paragraphs, and wherever else we can think to put 'em.

First, some real good news:

The first TQS dividends have been paid!

But it gets better...

Tradeqwik is all caught up on dividend payments, having paid out two weeks' worth in one fell swoop!

But then it gets even better...

You know how dividends are normally paid out based on twenty percent of trading fees?

This first dividend payout was done on 100% of all trading fees, so five times as much as expected!

We paid out generously because we wanted to reward our customers for being patient and holding on through delayed dividend payments. All of you were fantastic. We did not hear a single complaint about it. Not one. And we so appreciate that, especially in these early days when we have so much on the back end to work out.

Another unexpected part of the TQS dividend payments. Rather than converting them all to VIVA, we went ahead and paid them out in whatever currencies or assets they were earned. That means you get to decide at what price to convert them to VIVA, or even if you're going to convert them to VIVA. We haven't decided if that will be the new policy. What would you prefer if it were up to you? Please post your thoughts in the comments section and there might be a few upvotes up for grabs. Tradeqwik is still the only exchange which powers up our STEEM cold wallet and upvotes our loyal customers.

Not a Tradeqwik customer yet? Sign up. It's free to join.

And with all that great news out of the way, here come the numbers.

Total number of Tradeqwik users: 732
Total number of TQS shareholders: 185

Customer funds under management

VIVA CROWNS4201.28270685

Trading fees collected before June 25th (when first dividend payment would have paid out)

VIVA CROWNS0.03882350

Trading fees collected after June 25th (what would have determined second dividend payment)

VIVA CROWNS0.00682847

Total trading fees collected so far (what you actually got paid on early this morning, at 100%)

*VIVA CROWNS0.04565197

Total number of TQS held by shareholders: 22956
Last TQS price: 4.0 VIVA

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Update: TQS dividend payments in all currencies in which trading fees were collected is the new policy. That will be the way dividends are paid out from now on. It's simpler on the coding end and it prevents market sniping, two great benefits. Feel free to comment anyway if you'd like.


This is an incredible decision. I really enjoy getting some automatic diversification like that.


It's fine by me, we just change it to VIVA if we want


I think that's a great choice because it will generate even more fees!


I'm in.

This way the only folks getting payouts in that currency traded in that currency, yeah?

This is great! Might want to mention the website is

Thanks for the awesome update!


Right! Added a link.


Incredible update. One of my favorite decisions yet.

Thank you very much for all his interesting statistics. You do a good job.

That's great! I would prefer getting the payout in the currency the fee was collected.

Awesome! Very good news! I'm so excited! I hope I can buy more TQS in the next days!

I'm proud to be a TradeQwik user, TQS shareholder and Crown holder! It was great to see the dividents in my Deposit / Withdraw History and in the form of 15 different tokens/currencies.

I'll give some thought as to whether I think it's better to receive it this way or all in Viva. I wonder if it's too much trouble to be able to state your preference with some UI in TQ so users can select how they want their payout for the next payout period. Maybe something we can have in the new upcoming TQ upgrade.

Go VIVA! :-)

You guys are so awesome!!! I am loving the shit out of this stuff and I must say I am all in for the VIVAconomy and TQS! I was so excited to see my dividends this a.m. and am waiting to transfer some more of ETC to BTC and then over to Viva. I know that it is probably not a feasable thing but do you for see putting more coins on the exchange? I would love to be able to move my ETC directly to Tradeqwik for all of my transactions. I have been mining ETC since ETH got so difficult and so I end up paying a lot of transaction fees by the time I get to TQS. It doesn't really matter though. I am just a tiny minnow in a great big ocean and to be honest most the time I am swimming blind!! Regardless I love Tradeqwik and will promote it to every person I know!! Rock on VIVAconomy!

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We do have plans to add coins and ETC is on that list, but have to take care of a few backend things first, so no ETAs yet. Thanks for your kind words.




Yes we'll take ETC. We are fixing the ETH wallet right now, but ETC is just a special case of ETH as far as we're concerned. Thanks for your support.


Holy sweetness this is awesome. Thank you guys so much!

The Last Sage

Thanks for the update. It was great to get that big dividend payment, and I appreciate greatly having it paid out in different currencies, that way I don't need to diversify as much myself.
As I'm still scared of crypto,just a bit..☺

Nice surprise!

Very happy camper here, @tradeqwik, thanks!

I like the payout in all the different currencies. Nice touch!

Awesome work, keep on! =)

Hey can I get a follow from the tradeqwik account, just sent some steem to tradeqwik my account is 4196797272708083845 and I'm also @alexrickard86 silent partner with the crown he has in his tradeqwik account. Thanks


You are now being followed. Thanks for the request :)


And thank you.

I think I like this way better, it makes a faucet out of the exchange.

Good thinking, vivos,....

this is really great

The way you use to get loyalty is very good. I was amazed

How does one become a TQS shareholder? Looks like a profitable investment.


There is a VIVA/TQS market pair on Tradeqwik. So you can buy TQS with VIVA. You can buy VIVA with any of the other currencies we currently support, including SBD and Steem.